Transfer Warehouse: Rocktober Fest Friday, 10/23!

Transfer Warehouse: Rocktober Fest Friday, 10/23!

Telluride Arts presents Rocktober Fest on Friday, October 23. Visit here to purchase tickets and reserve seats. And become part of the foundation of this treasured landmark known as the Transfer Warehouse and support Telluride Arts by sponsoring a stone in the structure. To purchase a stone, visit here. Drop-in by donation at the door from 3-6 pm or reserve a pod for the 7-9 pm seating.

Transfer Warehouse, once a shell of its former self. now serves as a major cultural venue. Image, artist Molly Perrault.

At Telluride Arts’ Rock-tober Fest, enjoy live music, local beer, food offered by the new Stronghouse Brew Pub, and a chance to support the historic Transfer Warehouse by sponsoring a stone. Buy a stone. Get a free beer.

But please note: The Telluride Transfer Warehouse has a very limited COVID capacity, well under the State standards and approved by the County Health Department. Temperature checks and contract tracing are required.

Lederhosen recommended and appreciated.

Telluride Arts & Transfer Warehouse, more:

Since the onset of the COVID pandemic, the Telluride Transfer Warehouse has been the nucleus for the local Telluride arts scene, offering a safe place to connect and be inspired.

Built in 1906, the Transfer Warehouse was a vital place of exchange for over a century. Once the hub for the transfer of goods and supplies, it is now slated to become the new public center for the transfer of arts and ideas. In 2017, the walls of the structure were thoroughly evaluated and then stone by stone, painstakingly restored.

You are invited to join in the effort to rebuild the site and help create a new space that will continue to welcome, connect, and uplift our whole community. Sponsoring a stone makes a difference.

Register your stone with your name, commemorate a loved one, a pet, or buy a constellation for your family.

Stones start at $100.

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