Second Chance: Adopt a Shelter Dog Month!

Second Chance: Adopt a Shelter Dog Month!

Second Chance Humane Society’s Animal Resource Center and Thrift Shops have been servicing San Miguel, Ouray & Montrose Counties for over 26 years. Call 626-2273 to report a lost pet, learn about adopting a homeless pet, or about our Emergency Response, Community Medical, Spay/Neuter, Volunteer, or other services. View our shelter pets and services online:


Toss out the candy corn and bat wings and make room for a lovable huggable treat of a lifetime – a new dog. That’s right, move over Halloween, October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month! Can’t adopt right now? Keep reading to learn how to help homeless sugar-free sweeties like me find loving happy homes as part of this delightful month.

If you can’t adopt a dog right now you can still pitch in to prevent other dogs from being homeless. For example, you can post updates and stories on social media about the wonderful life you and your rescue dog are living since you found each other. Or you could join Second Chance’s Facebook Adopters page – and help spread the word on how adopting a pet can forever change your life for the better.

Other ways to participate are to pass on an understanding to the next generation of the importance of animal welfare and pet adoption. Did you know there are an estimated 3-4 million animals waiting in shelters every year for the loving, forever homes that they deserve? Talk to your kids, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, anyone who will listen, about animal shelters and why Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month, and pet adoption in general, is important.

Or you can sponsor a shelter dog like me and help pay for my care or help promote me to others for adoption. The options are endless, I am good with whatever you choose as long as it helps me to find a great home.

Who am I?

Great question…

My name is Whiskey. I am a 1.5 year-young brindle bull mix looking for my forever home. At first I wasn’t sure about my name, as I am a tea-totaller, but then I began hearing some great slogans and it started to grow on me.

The pure poetry in motion of my essence is aptly summed up in the slogan, Whiskey is Liquid Sunshine.  Nothing brings people together like good whiskey. Yes it is true, I adore attention from people, so of course the more people I can gather together the better.

I also appreciate the wisdom of Smile, there’s Whiskey, as well as the veracity of Inner Peace starts with great Whiskey. That one feels particularly applicable to me because, despite my rough start as being a homeless dog, I have held fast to my positive attitude toward life. You won’t see me hanging my head in defeat, I am ready for the good that life has to offer. My favorite self-reflective slogan has got to be, Whiskey, its better with whiskers. Ok I made that one up, but I think it works well.

Anyway, I will be waiting here at the Shelter to meet you. Jst call my staff to make an appointmen. We could see if we like each other…I know you will like me…like a tall glass of whiskey. (Srry couldn’t help myself.)

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