Telluride Arts Sept. Art Walk: “Embellished Posters” & “Finding America”

Telluride Arts Sept. Art Walk: “Embellished Posters” & “Finding America”

Telluride Arts’ First Thursday Art Walk is a festive celebration of the art scene in downtown Telluride. Participating venues host receptions from 5 – 8 p.m. to introduce new exhibits on the first Thursday of each month throughout the Telluride Arts District.

Complimentary gallery guides offering a self-guided tour are available at participating venues or online at The guide can be used at any time to help navigate through galleries and venues open to the public most days.

Participants are asked to wear masks, practice safe social distancing, avoid large groups, and keep hands washed and sanitized. Venues will be allowing a limited number of people into their spaces at a time, and most venues are still unable to serve food or beverages. However, Telluride Arts encourages everyone to visit local restaurants and bars for beverages and bites.

In September, the Telluride Gallery of Fine Art presents “Works on Paper,” featuring the gestural abstraction of Charles Arnoldi and Lisa Pressman; the Surrealism of Edwina White; the mixed-media photography of LeAna Clifton and Caleb Cain Marcus; and the 3D Pop collages of Kelley O’Connor. For deep detail on the showgo here.

Throughout the month, Slate Gray Gallery presents  Joseph Toney’s “Carbones.” Details here.

Read on for details about the two outstanding exhibitions at Telluride Arts’ two venues: Gallery 81435 and Telluride Arts HQ.

Go here for information on all other venues.

Gallery 81435:

Throughout September, Telluride Arts’ Gallery 81435, at 230 So. Fir, features the “Embellished Posters” of local artist Judy Haas. The opening reception is scheduled for September 3, 2020, 5 – 8 pm.

Rolling Stoness signature logo embellished by artist Judy Haas.

Since the Sixties, Haas has been inspired by the art of rock music. The images and artists are unique. Originally intended as inexpensive promotional devices, rock posters evolved into extraordinary visual equivalents of the music they advertise. The posters themselves are created by many different artists. Some of them are silk-screens and signed; some are “show editions,” rare and no longer in print. Vintage movie and stone lithograph posters are unique and were produced from 1900-1960. All of the posters in Haas’ show are embellished with imported Swarovski crystals, diamond dust, and/or hand-cut paper.

Judy Haas, who lives and works in Telluride, has been a professional artist since 1985, showing her work nationally and internationally, well known for her colorful handmade pastel drawings of trout. Haas’s mediums include pastel on paper, ceramics, computer generated fractals, mixed-media prints and projects. She has also illustrated two books, “Being a Mother” and “The Grace of Mary.”

Haas participated in the Art in the Embassies Program and many companies including Patagonia, The Nature Company, and Andrews McMeel have used her images.

Haas has shown her work at Alexander Gallery in New York; Beadleston Gallery in New York and London; Meredith Long Gallery in Houston; American Museum of Flyfishing in New Hampshire; and many galleries in Sun Valley, Vail, Aspen and Telluride.

Gallery 81435 is open daily 12 – 6 p.m.

Telluride Arts HQ:

Telluride Arts’ HQ gallery in Telluride, CO presents, “Finding America,” a solo exhibit by Emma Kalff. The show will be on display beginning September 1, 2020 and runs through the month. The Art Walk opening us scheduled for Thursday, September 3, 2020, 5 – 8 pm.

“A Lifetime in New Orleans,” by Emma Kalff.

Since 2018, Emma Kalff has been painting from life while traveling across the United States. Her body of work is in some small part an alternative to the politicized and polarized accounts of our country that seem to come at us from all sides and in all forms of media.

Kalff seeks to create a creative space for processing the present and contemplating the future of America. This exhibit serves as an intimate look at the state of our nation through the eyes of a painter.

Emma Kalff, who currently resides in Ridgway, CO., is a classically-trained painter from West Chester, Pennsylvania. She received her training at the Academy of Fine Arts in New Orleans. She holds a BA in Sociology with a minor in Art History from Boston University.

Telluride Arts HQ is open Monday-Friday from 12-6pm or by appointment.

Gallery 81435 and Telluride Arts HQ are projects of Telluride Arts. Telluride Arts promotes a culture of the arts within the Telluride Arts District, which contains a remarkable concentration of arts and cultural activity that engages artists from around the region and across the globe. For more information find Telluride Arts online at, or on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at Telluride Arts. 970.728.3930

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