Second Chance: Seeing & Listening!

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These days we are all being challenged with important lessons; resiliency, adaptability, flexibility, patience, empathy, inclusivity, stamina, courage, the list goes on. For me it is all leading to acceptance of who I truly am. Who I am is different from what most people expect. I am learning that is ok too.

Upon first glance you would think that I am a skilled working dog who relies on my keen eyesight, hearing and smell to work a ranch using my adept herding instinct to get the job done. But take a moment to really get to know me and you will discover I am not as I appear.

I don’t hear well, if at all, and I certainly don’t see so well either. Ranchers don’t really have the time or interest to train me to be a true working dog. That doesn’t disappoint me much as I am happiest when snuggling with people. Yep, people fit my true purpose better than sheep or cattle. Let my cousins do the hard work. I just want to give and receive love.

Maybe giving and receiving love is all any of us want, but it takes obstacles (like poor sight and hearing) and challenges (like finding our true life purpose) to accept what really makes our heart sing. I know that humans are being challenged in many new and daunting ways this year. I know you are facing aspects of your world, government, communities and your own selves that you have never truly looked at before.

Take it from me, you don’t need perfect eyesight to really see people for who they are. You don’t need great hearing to listen to what people really are needing and yearning for. The world is changing fast and it is time to use all our senses and pay attention.

Change can feel overwhelming but, as my favorite musician Michael Franti sings: “Think big, but start small. ”

Start by looking at your own life. Maybe your pet is not living up to your expectations. Maybe she is more active than you wanted her to be or he is not as “trainable” as you had anticipated. Or maybe your pets are exactly what you need in your life right now to help you see and hear in a totally different way.

Don’t give up on your pet, your family, your neighbors, your community or your world just because things aren’t playing out the way you want them to. Trust that they are playing out the way you need them to. It works for me.

Despite my disabilities, I like to play fetch, I just need help in finding the ball sometimes. This just allows for more interaction with the people I adore. Adapting is not always easy and because of my challenges and past life experiences I get easily spooked. It’s scary as I figure it out. But I do figure it out.

I am only three-years-young and very eager to please, so I have much potential to be someone’s loyal guide, the true eyes and ears of your heart. Let’s take all that life is throwing at us and learn and grow from it together. Make an appointment to meet me today!

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