Furci's Fungi Foundation Goes Global!

Telluride, Colorado is the epicenter for the largest wild mushroom happening in North America. And at the epicenter of that epicenter known as the Telluride Mushroom Festival is Guiliana Furci.

For over 10 years, the Telluride Institute, has offered The Salzman Award to the person who has contributed most significantly to the Telluride Mushroom Festival over the years. Furci is one of the recipients for her crusade on behalf of the fungi on Chile.

And now Guiliana’s Fungi Foundation is going global. Please scroll down for details.

Fungi Foundation goes global! Chilean non-profit opens US chapter and incorporates international board members.

Fungi Foundation goes global. The Chilean non-profit just opened a US chapter with international board members.

After a decade of successfully working in Chile, this unique NGO decided to expand its programs, opening a chapter in the US (Fungi Foundation, Inc) to facilitate access to funding and collaboration with other relevant stakeholders.

Supporting the organization’s new status, the new international board is made up by the renowned mycologist American mycologist Paul Stamets @paulstamets; one of the most influential scientists in his field, Peruvian-Australian actress and environmental activist, Nathalie Kelley @natkelley; and Indian-British natural winemaker and geographer, Joanna Foster @stella.crinita. Collectively they bring a wealth of knowledge and capacities and diversity of experiences and backgrounds that will be a significant contribution to the success of the foundation in this new phase.

Along with this new chapter, Fungi Foundation will direct its work to the research of ancestral uses of fungi; explorations and expeditions to pristine areas on the planet with emphasis on ancient ecosystems; and fungi in public education. Those are some of the goals for the near future along with triggering a change in the language about how nature is talked about: it is Flora, Fauna and Funga. 3F’s! T

The organization continues to be under the leadership of founder Giuliana Furci @giulifungi.

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