Courts Block Election Mailer In Colorado

At the suggestion of an activist friend, we curated the following important story by Elise Viebeck written for The Washington Post. Title: “Federal judge temporarily blocks Postal Service from sending election mailer to more voters in Colorado.” In confounding times, this mailer would have added to the confusion.

A federal judge late Saturday temporarily blocked the U.S. Postal Service from sending a notice about the November elections to more people in Colorado, finding that the mailer “provides patently false information” about the state’s voting system that could sow confusion among voters.

The ruling arrived hours after the state filed a lawsuit in response to the national mailer, which urges “postal customers” around the country to “request your mail-in ballot (often called ‘absentee’ ballot) at least 15 days before Election Day.”

Voters in Colorado, eight other states and the District of Columbia do not need to request mail ballots for November because their states are already sending them out. Those jurisdictions either conduct universal mail elections or are holding them this year because of the coronavirus pandemic…

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