Transfer Warehouse: Dance, Art-Making & More!

All summer long local artists and events are featured at the open-air Telluride Transfer Warehouse, hosted by Telluride Arts. For all Warehouse events go here then scroll down to the calendar.

Coming up:  FIVE DAYS, Dutch Bouquet Day-by-Day, August 24 – August 28. Register here.

For questions and material lists email or call 970-728-3930.

Transfer Warehouse, once a shell of its former self. now serves as a major cultural venue. Image, artist Molly Perrault of Telluride Arts.

Telluride Transfer Warehouse, a perspective: 


The goal of Telluride Arts as custodian of the historic Telluride Transfer Warehouse is to walk the fine line between staying true to the ethos of the Telluride region, that unrestrained and unfiltered mountain lifestyle we all celebrate, at the same time channeling that spirit into a vision for the future.

“We see the reimagined Warehouse as quintessential Telluride – planned by and for the local community – and big enough to serve Telluride into the future, ” says Telluride Arts Executive Director Kate Jones.

Still today in its current emerging Phoenix state, today in the Age of Corona, the Transfer Warehouse with its wide-open-to-the-sky (read safe for small gatherings) space, serves a vibrant community hotspot, feeding local artists and guests at every level of their being, body and soul.

To whit, one recent success story and other programs featuring local (also internationally renowned) talent.


Valerie Madonia  & Kim Epifano are local dancers with national reputations. Super stars in our galaxy and beyond.

On Wednesday, August 5, Telluride Arts hosted an intimate evening of dance at the Telluride Transfer Warehouse featuring  Telluride local Valerie Madonia and part-time local Kim Epifano, for the reveal of a site-specific dance theatre piece the two internationally celebrated artists created over a month-long artist residency at Telluride Transfer Warehouse.

The project titled “SWAYING IN STONE,” was made possible by the Telluride Artist Fund, a program of Telluride Arts. (Donate here.)

Word on the street is the evening was magical, while also hitting what Jones describes as the “sweet spot” of what the Transfer Warehouse 2.0 is all about. Or as Telluride Arts board member Penelope Gleason explains:

“The Telluride community has always known the value of the arts, from early theater during the mining days to the diverse arts menu we all share and enjoy today.

“Arts are how we truly embody our humanity. Shared experiences as audiences at movies, music concerts, poetry readings, exhibits, workshops, and lectures help us to discover and appreciate our similarities and differences. These sorts of shared experiences are the foundation of community, compassion and respect that help us transcend our differences and inspire us to engage in positive social interactions and actions.”

“Swaying in Stone” was an amuse bouche for all that is planned for the renovated Telluride Transfer Warehouse.


Valerie Madonia danced professionally for more than 20 years with the National Ballet of Canada (under the direction of Alexander Grant); at American Ballet Theatre (under Mikhail Baryshnikov); and at the Joffrey Ballet (under Robert Joffrey and Gerald Arpino).

Madonia has had the honor of choreographing and directing productions all over the world, performing in the grandest opera houses and in outdoor venues such as the Acropolis in Athens, Greece; the Alhambra in Grenada, Spain; and now, at the Telluride’s Transfer Warehouse.

Kim Epifano has a 35-year history as a choreographer, director, performer, vocalist, educator, producer and curator. mEpifano co-directed the Mudd Butt Mystery Theater Troupe and Mudd Butt International for the Telluride Academy. She has taught Modern Dance Technique, Contact Improvisation and many other forms of movement, theater and vocalization, most recently, at Mills College, UC Berkeley, ODC in SF. and at Le Murate Pac in Florence/Milan Italy. She holds an MFA in choreography from UC Davis

Picture the evening, images, courtesy of Amy Levek:




Dutch Bouquet Day-by-Day

August 24th – 28th, 10am-2pm + out of class work time

(Sliding scale, $425-$575 suggested)

Ah, the Dutch Golden Age, or roughly the entire 17th century. Join Britt Bradford for a five-day dive into the world of Dutch still lifes.

Over the course of the workshop, participants will slowly build a floral bouquet painting using oils, working with 1-2 flowers a day. At the end of the 5 days, you will have completed an entire bouquet.

Britt will talk about Dutch painting techniques, demo the process, and give one-on-one instruction each day.

If you would like to join using other still life objects, you are not required to paint flowers. All subjects welcome.

Telluride Arts will partner with a local florist. Flower prices included in the price of the workshop. All other materials are NOT included.

Easels and boards provided by the Ah Haa School for the Arts.


Britt Bradford desires to expand the field of classical realism, pushing the boundaries of the craft and technique, exploring contemporary and ancient ideas and concepts.

She uses energy work while in the creative process and is always experimenting and pushing herself to tap into something much greater than herself from which her paintings can take form. Her rigorous academic training and fascination with the occult, provide her with a solid foundation through which to work. Britt believes it is in deep study and pure awareness that genius and new thought flourishes.

Britt enjoys working form life whenever possible and invites you to join her in learning to see and translate the world into paint. + more


The Telluride Transfer Warehouse is a roofless historic landmark that is in the process of becoming a new center for the arts with four floors for cultural events and art exhibitions. In the meantime, the 6,000 square foot open-air space is a spectacular setting for safe community activities, micro-events, and tiny performances. +more


The current capacity at the Warehouse will be under half of the Colorado state COVID safety recommendations, and approved by the San Miguel County Health Department. Telluride Arts provides properly distanced comfortable seating and ample sanitization and will strictly require masks to be worn for everyone standing or moving about the space. +more


The Telluride Artist Fund supports local artists to develop new work and advance their expertise through competitive grant programs. The fund is supported by the Town of Telluride and contributions from community members like you. Your support is greatly appreciated! +donate

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