Second Chance: Patience Grasshopper

Second Chance: Patience Grasshopper

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Patience is one of the many things humanity is learning these days of pandemic-inspired challenges. Unless, that is, you choose impatience instead, and all the residual effects of that choice. I think impatience is a result of having the wrong goal in mind, or not recognizing that it is right in front of you, patiently waiting for you to recognize it. The “it” for me was connection.

When I first arrived here at Second Chance I’d had some bad experiences with being treated poorly that led me to lose faith in humanity and in the desire to connect. I was pretty committed to that mindset and didn’t have much interest in being around the masked people I was being “subjected” to against my will. Yes, they were only trying to help,  but I wanted to be left alone to live life on my terms.

But the staff and volunteers here at Second Chance are extremely patient and through their patience I became less afraid of what they wanted from me, which was just to relax into my fun-loving self. That was uncomfortable in the beginning, but I quickly learned, through their patience with my initial reactivity, that I could let go of my fear. I didn’t need it any longer.

It feels really great to go forward in my life with less fear. I have not been able to fully banish that feelihg, but very few beings have succeeded in that anyway. That is why I like to watch old episodes of Kung Fu, where Master Po teaches “Grasshopper” so many important lessons, like how to see without using your eyes.

These days I am learning that without fear blocking my vision I can see more clearly. I not only easily make friends with the dogs here at Second Chance, but now also with the patient people. People still make me nervous a bit, but once you have earned my trust that ease shows up there as well.

Do you have a pet who is your Master Po at “testing” your patience? Do you get frustrated because your pet doesn’t always do things the way you want? Maybe your dog takes too long to get his business done on your brisk morning walk? How do you respond? With impatience or with appreciation for giving you a moment to just be outside?

Does your cat pester you while you are working at your desk, demanding attention? Do you scoot her away or do you take an affection break? Listen to us, your teachers, with patience and love will be richly rewarded.

All that said, if you are interested in adopting me you will need to be one of those patient types of people, not the instant gratification type. If you want an instant connection with me I am not your girl,  but if you are willing to be a little bit patient I guarantee your patience will be soon rewarded.

By the way my name is Aurora. I am a 1-year young Shepherd mix with a love for swimming, hiking and playing Kung Fu with my dog friends. By requiring patience I teach patience, which we all need more of these days. Call today to meet your Master Po.

“Fear is the only darkness,” Master Po.

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