Telluride’s Library & Between the Covers Host “Wildpreneurs”: Talk & Signing, 7/6!

Telluride’s Library & Between the Covers Host “Wildpreneurs”: Talk & Signing, 7/6!

“A lot of people have dreamed about building this kind of business, and only a few of them have taken on the dream and made it work. Maybe you’re a dreamer, and maybe you’re a doer—and maybe, with the help of this volume, you can be both,” Bill McKibben, author, “Deep Economy” & winner of the Right Livelihood Prize,” nicknamed the “Alternative Nobel,” talking about Tamara Jacobi’s “Wildpreneurs.”

An event around “Wildpreneurs,” hosted by the Telluride Library and Telluride’s indie bookstore, Between the Covers, is scheduled for Monday, July 6, 6 p.m., with seating in front of Jagged Edge and Cashmere Red. Space is limited, so sign up at to secure your seat!

“Wildpreneurs” is a unique adventure story that introduces the world of “Wildpreneurship” along with access to a practical blueprint for starting and managing an unconventional business.

“Wildpreneurs” will guide free-spirits on a journey of meaning, purposefulness, and adventure. Pre-orders for hard copies and audible versions are available online, which includes a bonus package, film series and sweepstakes for a jungle adventure.

Real-life “Wildpreneur” Tamara Jacobi, aka “The Jungle Girl,” understands the challenge and reward of turning your passion into a business. In this wild guide, Jacobi shares the lessons she has learned, alongside stories and wisdom from “Wildpreneurs” all around the world.

“Wildpreneurs is a family adventure story, a start-up guide, a real-world class in the challenges of turning passion into profit, and a call-to-action for dreamers — all rolled into one. Practical and inspiring.” – Francis Barry, editor, Bloomberg Opinion.

“Wildpreneurs” is more relevant now than ever before! Given the challenges and circumstances of spring/summer 2020, “Wildpreneurs” is needed as a voice of hope, imagination and action towards creating a brighter, healthier future. We’ve been reminded that life is short; let’s tune into what makes us come alive!

Free thinkers in the Colorado Rockies and globally are re-connecting with their values and exploring becoming the CEOs of their own lives. “Wildpreneurs” offers empowerment and support for new beginnings.

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Known as “The Jungle Girl,” Tamara Jacobi is the author of “Wildpreneurs “(HarperCollins Leadership, Feb. 2020), a guidebook for turning passion into business, that tells of how she and her family built the Tailwind Jungle Lodge in the Mexican Pacific.

Tamara’s free-spirit was sparked by family expeditions that included mountaineering Mexico’s volcanos, bike-packing the USA’s Continental Divide and kayaking the Sea of Cortez.

Tamara and her family divide their time between the jungle, the Colorado Rockies (Telluride/Ridgway) and Lake Memphremagog (on the border of Quebec/VT) where she was raised.

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