Telluride Theatre: Updates 2020! Gala July 31 & Aug.1

At a time when it feels like all hope is lost for festivals and special events, Telluride Theatre is getting creative, thinking outside the box, to keep theatre alive – and safe – this summer 2020 season. Get tickets for your table here for the Gala.

“We have been hard at work, doing everything we can to bring some hope and entertainment to the community from our Dude & Bro PSAs, Downlow podcasts and The Shelter in Play(ce) Play Festival,” said Sasha Sullivan, artistic director for Telluride Theatre. “Our audience, performers and designer’s safety are of the utmost importance.”

After months of thoughtful consideration, and with approval from San Miguel County, Telluride Theatre will move forward with its annual Midsummer’s Gala and Shakespeare in the Park – with some expected adjustments.

Telluride Theatre’s annual Gala, originally slated for July 6, will now take place over the course of two days, July 31 and August 1, to allow for smaller groups and safe physical distancing. Additionally, Telluride Theatre is diligently reorganizing the execution of the Gala to ensure the highest levels of cleanliness and safety for attendees and staff.

“This year’s Gala will be a little different,” Sullivan shared. “We are following the state guidelines and working with the county, and Telluride Sleighs and Wagons, to ensure safe physical distancing on their vast land.”

Gala attendees will buy a table for up to five people maximum per table to keep group sizes small. The event will take place entirely outside and guests will be served and guided to reduce mingling. As well, all guests and staff will be required to wear masks when they are moving through the space.

“The last two years have been hugely successful and fun. A secret party, with a not-so-secret location,” Sullivan said.

The Midsummer’s Gala is a party unlike anything Telluride has ever seen, a unique event that ignites the imagination and inspires the spirit as attendees are transported to a totally different world with surprise entertainment, craft cocktails, delectable dinner and dessert, a live auction and more. Each year has featured a unique theme and for 2020 it is “The Trip; it’s Not the Destination, it’s the Journey.”

“Telluride Theatre needed another big fundraiser to keep afloat,” Sullivan shared, noting the first Gala took place in 2018. “We have crafted this event to be a truly unique Telluride experience, all in support of keeping the arts alive in Telluride.”

The Midsummer’s Gala is a much-needed fundraiser for Telluride Theatre as their spring production of “MacGyver the Musical” was cut short due to COVID-19 shutdowns and the annual Burlesque fundraiser has been postponed until further notice.

Sullivan noted of the Gala and future productions:

“We see these restrictions as a way to get even more creative and are excited to share what we have planned. It is going to be super funky and fun, an incredible night of performance, craft, cocktails, delicious food and so much more…”

In addition to the Gala, Telluride Theatre has also given careful consideration to this year’s Shakespeare in the Park.

“Due to concerns ranging from cast size to venue safety and appropriateness, we’ve decided to transform our 30th anniversary Shakespeare in the Park production from ‘The Winter’s Tale’ to ‘As You Like It,’” announced Colin Sullivan, executive director, Telluride Theatre. “The whole company is excited about the new work and we invite all of Telluride to come on a wild romp through the forest of Arden in a classic tale of misdirection, clowning, love and melancholy.”

Shakespeare in the Park will take place Aug. 22 through Aug. 30 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at an outdoor venue that is to be determined. Telluride Theatre is dedicated to upholding best practices as outlined by health officials and ensuring that all audience members, cast and crew are safe and physically distanced.

Keeping in mind that plans and productions are subject to change as new developments arise, Telluride Theatre is excited to continue creating one-of-a-kind theatre experiences.

“When we started this theatre company, we made a promise to create theater that lives in moments of truthful human connection, that promotes joyful celebration and that is open and accessible to all audiences,” Colin Sullivan shared. “That promise holds true now, more than ever before and Telluride Theatre will deliver.”

This is the 30th Anniversary of Telluride’s Shakespeare in the Park. To celebrate the resiliency of the mountain  community and allow everyone a chance to see the show, Telluride Theatre is fundraising $22,000 to make this year’s production free for all.

Telluride Theatre will announce more specific information on the fundraiser, tickets to shows, specific venues, regulations and attendee requirements soon.

Stay tuned for more details!

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