Sheridan Arts Foundation's Young People's Theatre Presents... 7/24, 7/31 & 8/7!

Telluride’s Sheridan Arts Foundation’s Young People’s Theater will mount three “Summer Spectaculars” featuring three different casts of 10 talented young actors. Each show will be performed live on the Sheridan Opera House stage, then be live-streamed for audiences to enjoy from the safety and comfort of their own homes. “Annie” will be performed Friday, July 24 at 4 pm; “Shrek” will be performed Friday, July 31 at 4 pm; and “The Wizard Of Oz” is scheduled for Friday, August 7 at 4 pm.

Starring 10 actors ages 8-13, Telluride’s Young People’s Theater’s annual Summer Spectacular is truly a feat requiring dedication, hard work, grit, and a large dose of passion.

Every summer, a cast of kids come together for just five days, joining forces to produce a musical complete including costumes, set, sound design, lighting, and fully choreographed dance numbers.

“Every year, I am blown away by what these kids accomplish,” YPT artistic director Leah Heidenreich said. “Our annual ‘Summer Spectacular’ is my most favorite program YPT offers, because it’s so magical to see how these young minds can work together to create a complete production in such a short period of time.”

Originally, YPT was set to do one large production of “Shrek” with 30 kids who had signed up. With the onset of COVID-19, however, there was no way all the enthusiastic young people would have been able to gather together – and Heidenreich wanted to make sure the kids were able to physically interact because of the fast and furious nature of the program.

“It just wouldn’t have been viable to make the Summer Spectacular happen over Zoom, and frankly I’m not sure the kids would’ve wanted to participate in that setting anyhow,” Heidenreich explained.

To make this season’s program happen, Heidenreich decided to turn her program into three consecutive “Summer Spectaculars” featuring three small casts of 10 kids. To do that she had to expand the material mix to include “ The Wizard Of Oz” and “Annie” in addition to “Shrek.”

“All of the kids are SO excited that YPT has found a way to make the Summer Spectacular happen.”

All three of the shows will be live-streamed from the Sheridan Opera House Stage onto social media platforms. Each kid will have his or her own headset microphone to enhance sound quality and the SAF staff is working tirelessly to make sure the camera quality is the best it can be.

Again, “Annie” will be live-streamed on Friday, July 24 at 4 pm; “Shrek” will be live-streamed on Friday, July 31 at 4 pm; and “The Wizard Of Oz” will be live-streamed Friday, August 7 at 4 pm.

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