Telluride Academy: Update! Fun Starts 6/15!

Telluride Academy: Update! Fun Starts 6/15!

The following is a note from Luke Brown, Director, Telluride Academy. Click here to review the Academy’s new approach to summer and to view the weekly adventure offerings, which start 6/15.

“We are excited and honored (AND READY!) for the opportunity to share our passion for exploration, recreation and fun with your family this summer!,” says Luke.

Dear Friends,

Through months of creative problem solving, cautious optimism, industry wide collaborations and countless conversations with people from medical and governmental agencies, we are ready to begin registering students for summer programs. While our programs will look different this year, the core elements of who we are and what we believe in are very much intact! We know that kids are ready to get outside with their friends, we know that parents are ready for some relief and we know Telluride Academy is ready to play a role in our extended community’s rejuvenation!

On June 1st we opened up our registration to local families to ensure our program was accessible to families needing to return to work. We then opened up our programming on June 5th to welcome back any family that had registered with us previously in 2020. We are now opening up registration to all new families! Our programming will begin on June 15th and run through mid August. As the summer progresses so too will our program options and capacities. Until further notice we are only able to offer day and single overnight programs as well as teen Friday excursions. We are hopeful that in July and August our multi-overnight “expedition” programming will be allowed to move forward.

As we all find our footing in this new landscape, we ask for your continued patience and understanding as we relaunch an entire summer in such a short time. Getting our extensive staff prepared for this unique summer, redesigning our entire website and registration platform as well as implementing new health procedures in a condensed time frame has been no small feat. We have taken a cautious approach to get to this point and every step taken thus far has been measured and well though out. After registering, each family will receive a short pre-program consultation by a member of our administrative team. These phone calls will ensure that we are answering your questions, addressing your concerns as well as directing you to all of our important health and safety documents while preparing you and your child for a safe and fantastic summer program!

Our limited capacity:

Due to the extended time between the onset of the Covid pandemic and the eventual favorable ruling by the state for our program to operate, we saw a major reduction in our summer field staff. While many of these fantastic (and patient) instructors have reemerged and are excited to work with us this summer, we are still operating significantly below our traditional capacities. Adding to this challenge are our smaller group sizes paired with our staff’s inability to get fingerprinted, medically certified and adequately trained for our summer operations during the past three months. We DO expect more staff to come online in the coming weeks and we DO expect to increase weekly capacities towards the end of June / early July. Please register for any wait list that you encounter…these will help guide our decisions on where to focus staff resources as they materialize.

Joining the Adventure

We ask that you take the time to read through all of our preemptive messaging around running a safe program this summer. Our success will truly take a team-effort approach that involves our staff, our students and our parents. The safety of everyone at Telluride Academy and the greater Telluride community is our top priority and we ask that you join our efforts in this cause.

Ready to roll?

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