Original Thinkers in the Age of Corona: Holbrooke & Brandon Victor Dixon of “Hamilton”!

Original Thinkers in the Age of Corona: Holbrooke & Brandon Victor Dixon of “Hamilton”!

Under ordinary circumstances, the event would heading into its fourth year. This year, however, is anything but. Original Thinkers is a fresh and thoughtful ideas festival regularly scheduled for early October in Telluride. The weekend generally features 10 programs, each built around an individual idea that is explored through a compelling mix of speakers, films, performance, and art. The weekend typically delves into the human condition by focusing on the intersection of ideas and individual stories.

As Original Thinkers founder and ringleader David Holbrooke said last year about the event he founded:

“There are deep and universal truths in our own lives that we know will resonate with anyone and when we find those stories and showcase them, they provide an indelible experience for an audience.”

Scroll down to find out how Holbrooke is managing to offer such experiences in the Age of Corona.

In this radically altered now, David Holbrooke has developed a series of conversations  with former guests on subjects pertaining to this traumatic moment in our history.

Go here for a link to the 1st episode with Future Architect Sharon Chang. Full story here.

Access the 2nd chapter of his new Original Thinkers Presents here.

Now listen to a conversation between Holbrooke and Brandon Victor Dixon.

Framing his latest conversation, Holbrooke explains:

“As we continue to grapple with the confines of COVID, I have found great pleasure and inspiration from talking to our guests in our ongoing OT Presents series of conversations.

“Our latest, recently recorded, is with Broadway star Brandon Victor Dixon, who was dazzling on our OT stage in Telluride last October. While we miss seeing him in person, his energy jumps off the screen in this interview and his insights into what is currently happening in America are both challenging and incisive.

As Brandon says so sharply in our half-hour conversation, ‘All this energy right now is not about doing your thing now. It’s about applying yourself to the thing that needs to be done.'”


Brandon Victor Dixon performing “The Room Where it Happens” from “Hamilton,” while sharing his work with the We Are Foundation.

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