Telluride Theatre: Shelter in Play(ce), Happening Now

Telluride Theatre: Shelter in Play(ce), Happening Now

Tune into Facebook and Instagram at noon to see Telluride Theatre’s playwrights compete head to head! Click this button or visit here to vote for your favorite. The schedule of plays is below.

If you have been out of the loop, here is the down low.

Telluride Theatre asked local playwrights to submit short original plays, approx. 3-5 min in length. There were SIXTEEN submissions and Telluride Theatre can’t wait to share them with the everyone.

“We wanted to do something that would be morale boosting for our artists as well as involve the whole community,” said Sasha Sullivan, artistic director for the Theatre.

Telluride Theatre’s Shelter in Play(ce) Festival has taken the resourceful collaboration of over 50 people working through various hurdles of safely casting, filming and producing each play.

As of Tuesday, May 5, Telluride Theatre plans to release two plays per day in a sweet sixteen style bracket and then is asking audiences to vote for their favorites until the company has narrowed it down to a final winner.

The winning playwright will receive a pack of Charmin toilet paper and their original production will be performed live, pre-show at one of Telluride Theatre’s future performances.


Round 1 – Tuesday, May 5
“The Impression We Exist” vs. “PDA”

Round 2 – Wednesday, May 6
“William Shake-Rona the 19th” vs. “Tales from an Unplanned Destination Wedding”

Round 3 – Thursday, May 7
“Maternal Instincts” vs. “What Happened While They Were Gone”

Round 4 – Friday, May 8
“May I Ask” vs. “The Kiss of the Spanish Lady”

Round 5 – Saturday, May 9
“The Love Machine” vs. “The Sweet Taste of Wine”

Round 6 – Sunday, May 10
“2 Flushes of Separation” vs. “San Juan Snowpack: A Love Story”

Round 7 – Monday, May 11
“The Salesman” vs. “Gina”

Round 8 – Tuesday, May 12
“This Isn’t the Family I Requested” vs. “Cheery Chickadee”


These are very trying times for everyone. Our local arts community is being hit hard, as are so many other businesses. We can’t thank you enough for you continued support. If you find that you have the means and ability to donate during this difficult time, you can help ensure that we keep theatre ALIVE in Telluride.

Donate here.

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