Second Chance: Preparing Pets When You Return to Work!

Second Chance: Preparing Pets When You Return to Work!

Second Chance Humane Society has been serving Ouray, Montrose and San Miguel Counties for 26 years. Call 970.626.2273 or visit to learn how to receive emergency food or medical services, adopt, volunteer, foster, or donate to our programs and services. Let Second Chance know what challenges you are facing in keeping pets part of your families.

It is true pet adoptions have spiked nation-wide during the pandemic, one of the few silver-linings of this tragic situation. Given that families have more time at home to transition a pet into their lives and a greater need for emotional support and physical comfort of a pet, the trend makes sense. But, as communities begin re-opening and people are returning to work, it will be important to make sure your pets are prepared for the adjustment. In other words, as the country re-opens people need to make sure animal shelters don’t fill up again with pets you no longer have the time, interest or patience for.

The reality is that life during COVID-19 has been really good for our furry friends. Having our people home more and soaking up the love we have to give has been unprecedented and delightful for many pets. Pets have become accustomed to new routines of sleeping in, daily walks, play sessions, dancing naked in the kitchen, and long conversations while cuddling. Your pets are not going to be happy if it all vanishes at once.

If you know your routine is going to change back to “work-mode” I recommend you begin to slowly shift back to your former routine in advance. The goal should be to maintain some quality time with your pet once your schedule resumes to pre-Covid times. This may be challenging but you will need it just as much as your pet does. Trade in the post-work routine of the couch and a beer for a lovely evening walk with your best furry friend or a game of learning new tricks.

For those of you who added a pet into your family these past months it is even more important that you make a slow transition that emphasizes keeping your connection. And remember that pets are very tuned in to our people’s emotional states and if you feel guilt or angst about leaving us we will pick up on that. Don’t make a big deal of it, part (and return) as though you are going for a quick errand, no stress equals no mess.

My name if Molly Jolly. I am a one-year-young female Husky and Cattle dog mix. The thing about me is that I love people, which in. turn makes me very easy to love. I haven’t met a person I don’t like. Can any of you say that? I am calm and well- trained, sort of like the adopters dream come true really. I put the word awesome in family dog. This pandemic will some day end, but your love for me will go on n on.  Call my staff today to schedule an appointment to meet me.

Stay smart and well out there everyone…

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