Telluride Arts: 1st Virtual Telluride Art Walk, 4/2+!

Telluride Arts: 1st Virtual Telluride Art Walk, 4/2+!

Telluride Arts: Presenting the first Virtual Telluride Art Walk, launching Thursday, April 2nd on the Telluride Arts District website,

For details on the show at Slate Gray, go here.

For more on the show at the Telluride Gallery of Fine Art, go here.

For much more on the shows at Gallery 81435 & Telluride Arts HQ, go here.


The Telluride Art Walk is going VIRTUAL on Thursday, April 2nd, 2020. Participating Art Walk venues will showcase their exhibitions online on the Telluride Arts District “Art Walk” web page.  

There will be no Open Art Radio on KOTO for the April 2020 Virtual Art Walk. 

Participating Art Walk Venues: 

Ah Haa School for the Arts
Gallery 81435
Gold Mountain Gallery
MiXX Projects + Atelier
Slate Gray Gallery
Telluride Arts HQ Gallery
Telluride Gallery of Fine Art

Ah Haa School for the Arts

The Ah Haa School’s American Academy of Bookbinding presents “Open Set,” a traveling exhibition of fine bookbindings. The American Academy of Bookbinding, located in the Old Stone Building at 117 N. Willow St., hosts a triennial exhibition and competition of fine design bindings. For 2020, the exhibition opened in New York City on February 19, and will travel to San Francisco, Salt Lake City and Austin over the next year.

The exhibition features 100 books from some of the best binders in the world. A jury selected the best entries from a field of over 140 books, with foreign entries comprising over half the selected books. Prizes were awarded to the top three books in two categories—an “open” category, where artists could choose their own book to bind, and the “set” category, where artists bound “Happy Abstract, A letter from William Blake.”

The exhibition will not be coming to Telluride, so The Ah Haa School is offering a glimpse at the books through an online catalog instead.

Gallery 81435

Image, Brooke Einbender.

Gallery 81435 continues with “The Unknown Zone,” an exhibition by local artist Brooke Einbender.

Einbender’s work blends several practices including painting, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, projection, and video, to form altogether an “Unknown Zone” of art. She is a leading pioneer in the exploration of Virtual Reality, establishing new frontiers at the intersection of art and technology in the context of its impact on human consciousness. Einbender creates mind-bending experiences and paintings designed to transport the viewer to different inter-spatial dimensions.

Einbender’s process involves translating and trans-muting her oil paintings into Virtual Reality. She seeks to constantly dissect, replicate, and layer parts of her oil paintings to create new “material” as a basis for future 3D digital works. Einbender’s originals evolves into soulful counterparts to a virtual plane of existence, taking on a new digital identity.

Gold Mountain Gallery 

Gold Mountain Gallery presents a virtual showcase of a wide variety of hand-crafted home furnishings.

MiXX Projects + Atelier 

Summer Forest


Image=e, Meredith Nemirov.

MiXX Projects + Atelier presents a virtual exhibition, “Signs of Spring.”

As MiXX projects + atelier moves to an online-only platform for the interim, the gallery has curated a new show to soothe the soul. Featuring work from Meredith Nemirov, Luis Bivar, Julia Lucey, Minas Halaj, Ellen Koment, and Martin Stranka, “Signs of Spring” is a visual breath of fresh air and a hopeful reminder that the seasons will continue to change, that nature remains as beautiful as ever, and that there is always new life on the horizon.

Slate Gray Gallery 

image, Andrew Brown.

Slate Gray Gallery presents the group exhibition titled “Immerse.” The show features four regional emerging abstract painters:Niki Woehler and Andrew Brown, two abstract expressionists  who are part of Slate Gray’s regular stable are joined by artists new to Slate Gray, local painter and sculptor, Daniel Kanow, and Prescott-based oil painter, Phillip Timper.

Glacial Melt, Daniel Kanow.


DragonFly, Phillip Timper.


The Things They Never Tell You, Niki Woehler.

In addition to this show, new artworks by Santa Fe-based encaustic painter, Amy Van Winkle, and Salt Lake City-based contemporary artist and graphic designer, Joseph Toney, will also be shown during this virtual exhibit.

Now & Then 3, Amy Van Winkle.


Image, Jospeh Toney.

The Slate Gray team is embracing innovative ways to engage the world with art, especially in a time where we need its uplifting qualities more than ever. Stay tuned for virtual studio visits, instagram takeovers by artists, artist spotlights, and more. Additionally, FaceTime tours of the gallery are available upon request.

Telluride Arts HQ Gallery 

Image, Molly Perrault.

Telluride Arts’ HQ Gallery continues with “Layers,” an exhibit featuring artwork by two local artists: Brandon Berkel and Molly Perrault through April 2020. The exhibit explores two different approaches to the medium of collage.

For Brandon Berkel, the act of creating is about guiding his imagination from internal to external places. With a background in writing, Berkel continues to tell stories through mixed-media collages, inventing and arranging surreal landscapes that merge reality and fantasy. His current body of work is deeply inspired by the epic scenery of the San Juan Mountains.

Image, Brandon Berkel.

Also inspired by mountainous landscapes, Perrault seeks to create the illusion of painting without paint. Using tiny paper shards of found colors and textures carefully cut from magazines, she re-constructs places that have been a source of inspiration, adventure, and comfort. Perrault’s detail-oriented process is a way to subvert the artificial colors, extravagance, and all too pristine page layouts of mainstream print media back, returning paper back its source, trees within a landscape.

Telluride Gallery of Fine Art 

Telluride Gallery continues a group exhibition featuring eight artists: Tony Berlant, LeAna Clifton, Nicole Finger, Frank Gaard, Krista Harris, Victoria Huckins, Kristin Beinner James and Jennifer Wolf.

Tilt in Time, Tony Berlant.


Landscape. Jennifer Wolf.


Totem. Nelson Parrish.


Whipped, Nicole Finger.

Durango-based abstract painter Krista Harris has her newest diptych painting, “Two Birds, One Stone,” featured in the exhibition. The artist combines acrylic, graphite, glazes and oil crayon on canvas to achieve brilliant layered color and texture. Harris is taking over Telluride Gallery’s instagram account on April 7th. Stay tuned to Telluride Gallery’s social media outlets for studio tours, process demos, artist and jeweler instagram takeovers, digital viewing rooms and more during their closure.

Once More With Feeling, Krista Harris.

The Telluride Gallery believes in the power of art to provide inspiration in these troubling times. Please enjoy taking a virtual exhibition tour of this colorful and eclectic exhibition.

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