Second Chance: The Fighting Spirit!

Second Chance: The Fighting Spirit!

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Dusty Wiggles

My name is Dusty Wiggles. I am a 7-mont- young adoptable shepherd mix living at a Second Chance Humane Society Foster home while I wait for my forever family to adopt me. I write today, during these challenging times, about keeping the fighting spirit alive.

For starters, my staff at Second Chance has a spirited goal during this COVID crisis to help keep pets in their homes by providing families with the resources needed to do that. You need your pet’s in your lives right now, give my staff a call to learn more about their assistance programs.

A fighting spirit is critical for pets too. Although many pets arrive at Second Chance healthy and ready for adoption others need critical medical care – and it is uncertain whether they will make it. A dog like that arrived last week. He was emaciated, missing most of his hair and very ill.

He is receiving medical care now, but the poor guy, who my staff named Boomer, has a very steep battle ahead of him. However, I am feeling hopeful as there have been early glimpses of a strong fighting spirit in him. And that can make all the difference.

I met a dog with that same strong spirit and it clearly had saved her life. Her name is Angel and last week was the one- year anniversary of her rescue by Second Chance. I checked in on how she is doing.

I found that Angel (a dog who was shot and left for dead) is thriving in her forever home while also serving as Second Chance’s first “Rescue Ambassador,” shining her light at many of Second Chance’s outreach events in addition to serving in Second Chance’s Pets Turning Pages Program. Angel visits school classrooms weekly (until school closed for the year) to listen to students read to her.

Angel, whose left rear leg was amputated after being rescued, wears a custom brace on her front right leg (which also was shattered by bullets). And that enables her to live a full life. She flies up and down trails and plows through snow and mud, playing with other dogs who have a hard time keeping up. Angel enjoys greeting people with a big grin and a not so subtle wave of her braced-leg. She’s a spirited one indeed.

Angel’s family describes how she lifts their spirits everyday and how they can’t imagine life without her. So after writing this, here is my big hope…in about a year from now some other homeless dog will be writing the Pet Column about Boomer’s one-year anniversary and how he is thriving.

Keep that fighting spirit Boomer – I am routing for you!

About Me.

I am rocking it in my foster home. Although shy at first, I have settled in well and love my foster folks and playing with the other dog here. I am learning all my commands and walking well on leash. I have lots of love and lots of energy to share and would be the perfect answer to your isolation blues. Call my staff to learn about adopting me!

And keep that fighting spirit alive for you, your family, your pets, and your community!

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