Second Chance: A Good Story That Helps!

Second Chance: A Good Story That Helps!

Contact Second Chance Humane Society at 970.626.2273 or online ( to learn how you can receive services, adopt, volunteer, foster, or donate to our programs and services. Also please let Second Chance know of any additional needs you are currently facing in keeping your pets part of your families.


Last week the furry feline Clover used this Second Chance Pet Column to provide pertinent program updates for community members in the region to help feed and care for their pets during these uncertain times. Those updates can be found on the Second Chance website. Today I share a few stories that give us hope and inspire us to keep helping one another, the best way for all of us to be living during these scary times.

I’ll start with my staff. They are definitely heroes. Through all of the daunting and unsettling realities COVID has brought, staff have shown up everyday and tackled new and unprecedented challenges without hesitation. They knew pets like me needed them and so they have been here for us, positive and truly leaning into the day not knowing what tomorrow will bring.

They have also been here for the hundreds of community members who have needed them these past weeks. The phone here at Second Chance has been ringing non-stop with more combined calls in the past 3 weeks than in the past 3 months. People are nervous, financially strapped and fearful about being able to care for their pets.

Skilled with animals, staff is becoming phenomenal at working with people as well. They are supporting others and alleviating fears, also providing food, resources, answers, advice and setting up plans to support them in keeping their pets at home, rather than surrendering their loved ones.

And they are succeeding. They are keeping pets where they belong, at home supporting their families in a time  they are needed more than ever before.

Additionally, thanks to my staff, my life has changed dramatically the past few weeks as well. I had been living at the shelter for over half a year now. I was rescued from a puppy mill where I spent four years in a horrible place enduring terrible conditions. By the time I finally got away from there I didn’t trust people and I didn’t really want to try.

Staff changed my mind. They taught me people can be  kind and loving and depended upon. They brought me a long way, but I was still unsure if I was ready to try living the true life of dog-as-family member and companion. But they worked hard to find a foster home which would give me a shot. And these past weeks more people have been willing to foster than ever before. Go people!

So guess what, I totally nailed it. Being a foster family member is freaking awesome. I am finally understanding what having a family means. I am hooked and now ready to find my forever family.

My foster family is amazing, particularly the guy called Dad. His gentle energy had me from the day I met him.

Although they can’t keep me long-term, I am so grateful to my foster family for showing me and others that I am going to make the best forever family dog. (Just a side note: I walk nicely on a leash and I love other dogs and am good with cats too.)

Times are tough and transforming us all in good and bad ways. COVID is truly nightmarish, but also challenges  us to be our best selves. Follow my lead and grab at the opportunity.

PS – If you are interested in adopting me, my name is Wilma.Give my staff a call…

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