Poets Corner: Feela for Valentine’s Day

Poets Corner: Feela for Valentine’s Day

Cupid’s Day has evolved into the signature day of the year when a gift of any kind ought to express positive sentiments within a primary relationship of any kind: married or partnered, straight or gay – or the one with yourself. Yes, Valentine’s Day seems to call for special gifts of intimacy – roses, chocolate, jewelry, tickets to a game – or a beautiful poem like the one below by regular contributor David Feela, who counts the ways. A tip of the hat to Elisabeth Barrett Browning’s “Sonnets From the Portuguese #43”?

A Listicle of Love

How awkward is love?
Let me count the ways.

the curve of your
brow rippling above
the bridge of your nose
like the surface of a pond
that might have stayed tranquil
had I not tossed a rock.

the way you say “Really”
when I mention I’ve finally
figured something out.

how my toes resemble
your fingers but you never
want to hold my foot.

(and I didn’t plan to go here)
but I shut the bathroom door
for a reason.

while I’m on the subject,
the toilet seat,
the toilet seat,
the toilet seat.

a tendency to indulge
in chocolate for a sweet
moment in the day.

our planning
to arrive on time
and I show up
like a missing sock.

how even in
this silly poem
you can see
that I count on you.



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