Mountain Village: Common Consumption Area Expanded

Mountain Village: Common Consumption Area Expanded

For more information about the Common Consumption Area in Mountain Village, and to view a map of its boundaries, please visit

Mountain Village, Telluride region.

The Telluride Mountain Village Owners Association is pleased to announce that the Village Pond Plaza has just been added to the Common Consumption Area.

In its January monthly meeting, Mountain Village Town Council approved the Mountain Village Promotional Association’s request to expand its Common Consumption Area (CCA) throughout the Village Pond Plaza, which now encompasses the Telluride Conference Center, Village Table, Rinkevich Gallery, and Wagner Custom Skis.

The expanded CCA allows for the purchase of alcoholic beverages in approved cups from participating licensed establishments, which means drinking is now okay throughout most of the plazas in the Village Center. No outside alcoholic beverages are allowed into the area however and only beverages purchased from participating licensed establishments in approved cups are allowed on the plazas.

Drinks purchased from one licensed liquor establishment will only be permitted in the exterior Common Consumption Area and participating non-liquor licensed establishments, but cannot be brought into another liquor licensed establishment. For example, a drink purchased from Telluride Distillery will not be allowed in Reflection Plaza, Black Iron, or M Lounge where the Hotel Madeline holds the liquor license, but drinks from those establishments may be enjoyed in the common area of Heritage Plaza, Sunset Plaza, and now Village Pond Plaza.

Current operating hours for the winter season in the expanded Common Consumption run from noon to 9:00 p.m. through through the close of the gondola on April 5, 2020 with the potential for occasional blackout dates due to special events. It will then operate concurrently with the summer 2020 gondola schedule.

“We wanted to continue to build on the vitality that the Sunset Plaza and Heritage Plaza businesses have experienced with the Common Consumption Area,” said TMVOA President and CEO Anton Benitez.

Twelve of the 14 Village Center’s liquor licensed establishments are now participating and 24 non-liquor licensed businesses are participating, allowing guests to take their beverage into the retail establishments while shopping. All retailers in the Center are clearly marked to indicate their participation in the CCA.

The CCA map encompasses Sunset Plaza, Heritage Plaza, and now Village Pond Plaza, but people with a drink from an approved establishment will not be permitted to cross any roadways. Security and signage are in place to enforce the boundaries and help educate guests about the rules of this Common Consumption Area.

“We are looking forward to a continued vibrant winter season followed by another exciting and successful summer,” Benitez said. “We are happy to partner with our local merchants and the Town of Mountain Village to make that happen.

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