Second Chance: Cat Tales

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Hi my name is Poppy. I am a very special cat. More on that shortly, but first I wanted to address you, “I’m more of a dog person,” people out there. Many of your type just haven’t taken the time to understand cats. You think we are non-expressive and incomprehensible. Not. True. You just aren’t listening to our tales, I mean tails. Perhaps you don’t yet realize you truly are a “cat person” too…

Cats are full of emotion, which we express openly and willingly through our ears, eyes, and body posture. But because the people species isn’t always attuned to others, cats were given tails to really get your attention.

Thanks to these graceful splendid appendages, you can see our emotions, identify situations that cause us distress or pleasure, and even identify an illness sooner. Tune in now to this tale of the tail and soon we’ll be having great conversations about life, love, and adventure.

We have great control over our tails and can move them quickly or slowly. A flicking or lashing tail signals we are agitated; a slowly waving tail shows a focus on something, probably something we want to pounce on.

The tail-up posture, straight up with a slight curve at the end, is our way of amicably greeting our people, like how you folks wave your paws. And for those (people and pets) we are bonded with, we honor you by curving our tails around your body.

We tuck our tails when feeling frightened, but doing this with a crouched head tells you we are feeling pain. Tails up at a 45 degree angle communicates we are unsure about something (or someone), while angled back and moving back and forth means we are excited (our ears and eyes will tell you which emotion, fear or otherwise, it is).

A tail straight out, almost level with the spine, indicates we are uneasy (but not necessarily afraid yet). One last biggie, we typically don’t appreciate being pet at the base of or on the tail itself, so pay attention to our response to that, for sure we will let you know. In other words, we tail it like it is.

So what makes me special? Foremost, I have been through the ringer, but remain loving and unique. I was abandoned out in the cold and suffered frost bite, which led to the flaps of my ears falling off. I also was left with a skin condition and anxiety, but both are being managed by medication and a wardrobe of fashionable cat sweaters.

So, I am now ready to start life anew. I am only 3 years young and get along well with other cats, although I feel I would most appreciate being your only deservingly spoiled kitty. The other thing that makes me special, (particularly for you “dog people”), despite my former life -challenges, I am super smooth with dogs. In fact, I tell my shelter staff which adoptable dogs will do well with cats and which need some work.

My other special trait is my affection for all people and ability to make them love me back, like immediately. Snuggling with others and bathing in the sun give me strength and stamina and so I am looking for a home of snuggly people who have a strong appreciation for the many benefits of a sun-drenched napping nook. Please curl up with me today.

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