Telluride Horror Show: Call for Entries Now!

Telluride Horror Show: Call for Entries Now!

The Telluride Horror Show, October 16 – October 18, is now accepting film submissions. Festival partners with Vertigo Entertainment again on short film submissions. 

The Telluride Horror Show is scheduled for October 16-18 in the world-class mountain resort town of Telluride, Colorado. Filmmakers are encouraged to submit films from the following genres for the festival’s 10th edition: Horror, Thriller, Suspense, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Genre Comedy, Genre Documentary.

Telluride Horror Show has an exciting and unique partnership with Vertigo Entertainment. In addition to being considered for this year’s festival, short films submitted to Telluride Horror Show will also be eligible for review by Vertigo Entertainment.

Vertigo Entertainment is a film and television production company that has produced features spanning a broad spectrum of budgets and genres, films such as THE RING and THE GRUDGE, to the Oscar®-winning THE DEPARTED. The company’s most recent work includes Stephen King’s IT and IT 2 for New Line, DOCTOR SLEEP for Warner Bros., THE TURNING for Amblin, and the hit animated features THE LEGO MOVIE, LEGO BATMAN, NINJAGO, and THE LEGO MOVIE 2.

Since its inception in 2010, the Telluride Horror Show has established a strong reputation for programming the best genre shorts on the film festival circuit. The festival scours the world to find the “best of the best,” and every year the numerous shorts blocks at the festival play to sold-out, enthusiastic crowds.

From Aengus McLoone, Creative Executive at Vertigo Entertainment:

“We’re very excited to collaborate with the Telluride Horror Show and discover exciting new voices in the genre space. The festival’s programming team has great taste and a keen eye for pinpointing amazing filmmakers. We’ve had a lot of success working with first-time feature directors that we’ve discovered through some incredible short films, and we have no doubt this partnership will facilitate many more relationships to come.”

Short films submitted to Telluride Horror Show will automatically be eligible for review by the team at Vertigo Entertainment. While there is of course no guarantee that short filmmakers will land a development deal or be considered for one, Vertigo Entertainment and Telluride Horror Show are eager to provide this opportunity for short films to truly serve as calling cards for genre filmmakers.

Telluride Horror Show, more:

Telluride Horror Show is Colorado’s first and longest-running horror film festival. Every year, the program attracts the latest and best genre films from around the world. Attendees from all over the country gather in the world-famous mountain resort town of Telluride, Colorado. For three packed days, everyone experiences an eclectic mix of horror, suspense, thriller, dark fantasy, sci-fi and dark comedy in Telluride’s unique venues, with many of the films showing for the first time in the US.

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