Poets’ Corner: Rosemerry for Xmas, Part 1

Poets’ Corner: Rosemerry for Xmas, Part 1

With her poem (below), Rosemerry Trommer transcends the canned rhetoric of the holidaze and goes straight to the the true reason for the season. For many, Xmas is a period for the renewal of faith, but it also also a time for personal reflection. What you summon to mind might bring tears of joy – as recent memories did to our favorite Word Woman.

 Also, no matter how darn organized you are, it is likely there is at least one person on your Christmas shopping list who has stopped you dead in your (very tired by now) tracks. Or some stocking that is not stuffed full enough. Google “last minute Xmas gifts” and 100s of ideas show up. Among my favorites: a gift of your time, like offering to babysit for your friends’ progeny; tickets to a sporting event or concert; a charitable donation in a friend or loved one’s name; or one of many books, including books of poetry written, say, by Rosemerry Trommer, all available at Telluride’s indie book emporium, Between the Covers.

I’m Thinking of an Ornament

The rules are simple. One person chooses
an ornament on the tree. The others ask
yes/no questions until they guess it correctly.
It was my mother who taught me.
I taught my own children. It’s a ritual
as important as the tree itself. Is it red?
Is it round? Is it cloth? Handmade?

So many questions we never can answer.
So many questions elude yes or no. But here,
in the soft glow of Christmas tree lights,
we share moments when every question
leads us closer to a treasure, where
the moments are treasures themselves.

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