“World Singing Day” – in Ridgway, 10/19!

“World Singing Day” – in Ridgway, 10/19!

“World Singing Day” is a worldwide movement in community singing which takes place October 19, 2019. Down the road a piece in Ridgway, singers will gather at the Community Center, 7-8:30 p.m. Local music teacher Ulli Sir Jesse invites everybody to join in the fun.

In Perth, Australia, one thousand people gather in the streets to sing popular songs together.

In the United Kingdom, mass karaoke breaks out in pubs from London to Liverpool.

Choirs are springing up across the United States.

Thousands of people are coming together to sing songs in Toronto and Tel Aviv.

Over 200,000 Belgians gather in cities each summer to belt out songs, from ABBA to the Beatles.

In short, every year on the third Saturday in October, people around the globe come together to sing on “World Singing Day” and celebrate their common humanity.

There’s a musical movement happening, and it has nothing to do with competition or performance. It’s something our ancient ancestors used to do around the fire. More and more people are gathering again this year to sing together and experience that special kind of connection to one another, a connection modern man seems to have lost over time.

Founded in 2012 by Boulder, Colorado musician Scott Johnson, “World Singing Day” invites people around the globe to put aside their differences – at least for a day – and share a positive human experience by singing together.

“Unlike politics and religion,” says Johnson, “music has the unique power to bring people together from all backgrounds and beliefs. Everyday on TV and social media, we see images of humans at their worst. This often disconnects us from one another and blinds us to the fact that we’re all part of a global family sharing the same planet. But imagine if all of us actually felt connected to this global family. Imagine millions of people in all 196 countries singing on the same day in the spirit of our common humanity. Imagine a global wave of singing, starting in New Zealand and going west around the world for 24 hours.”

Why singing?

Research has shown that group singing breaks the ice and forges social bonds quicker than any other discipline. Researchers have also found that people singing together not only harmonize their voices, they also synchronize their heartbeats.

“Everyone can sing,” says Johnson. “And ‘World Singing Day’ is an event for everyone”– including those living in the Telluride region.”

Join Ulli Sir Jesse in Ridgway for “World Singing Day,” 10/19.

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