Second Chance: Howl-O-Ween Adoption Promotion

Second Chance: Howl-O-Ween Adoption Promotion

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Have you ever seen a pet looking happy in a Halloween costume? I haven’t, yet you people keep right on dressing us up anyway. It’s O.K. We tolerate it because we love you so much (and we are secretly planning our revenge of drooling all over your Halloween candy). Dressing up pets has become as much a Halloween tradition as pumpkins, witches, and toilet paper and, despite it all, we do appreciate being included. In fact I created a new adoption promotion slogan: “Happy Halloween from Second Chance – Come Find a New Adoptable Pet to Humiliate!”

We know it is all in fun and so we will continue to give you this one day to pretend we are dress up dolls. (But please don’t even think about pulling out that turkey costume at Thanksgiving!) That is because we would rather you dress us up than forget about us on this fun day. Just make sure we get extra treats (not the chocolate kind of course) for our enduring patience as we entertain you.

I think it is important to point out that your best results will come from dressing up dogs and leaving us cats be. Cats are simply too dignified for Spider Man, Little Bo Peep, or “Weiner” dog costumes. A tiara and silk robe sounds like a good idea for your royal feline of the house, but you will have much more success with your dog. Oh and make sure you make your dog poses for lots of photos because they just love that so much.

If you are lacking a furry critter to mortify, I will volunteer any of the dogs here at Second Chance while highly recommending myself for the position of your next charming kitty.

My name is Gidget. I am a 10-year-young female Calico who loves people. You may remember my brother Gadget, who wrote a Pet Column about calculating your pet’s age. He and I and two other kitty housemates got left behind when our family moved away. I am a very calm and low energy girl who loves affection and treats. I get along with other cats, but I have not interacted with the dogs here yet.

I am shy, but my purr gives me away as a simple girl just yearning for affection. I am living in one of the communal rooms here at Second Chance awaiting my new family to come find me. Although I am not confident enough to greet people when they enter my room, my purrs are. All visitors are met by my purring from the moment they enter until they exit my room. It is my way of saying, “Happy to meet you now please take me home”.

Back to the topic of Halloween. My pet pals will make me regret saying this, but thank you for letting us be part of the Halloween fun. Please though, leave us safely at home for the Trick or Treating part. That stuff is way too weird for even the likes of Superman’s sidekick, Super Dog.

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