Telluride Reserve: Unreserved About Welcoming Women of Food & Wine, Starts 8/15!

Telluride Reserve: Unreserved About Welcoming Women of Food & Wine, Starts 8/15!

The Telluride Reserve, August 15 – August 18, 2019, is a new food and wine celebration hosted by the Town of Mountain Village Owner’s Association and set in fabulous private homes. Guaranteed the Reserve will be an unforgettable event, offering interactive wine tastings with Master Sommeliers and winemakers and four-course lunches prepared by award-winning chefs.

Descriptions and bios about all the tastings, the venues, and the talent can be found here.

To learn more about the wineries, go here.

For more information, and to check out what the talent will be sharing at their sessions, visit

Seats for the Telluride Reserve and all its unforgettable luncheon tastings are limited and filling fast. Get your credentials today, ($1600 per person), and make your personal selection at

Go here for an event overview. And here for information about a special Saturday-only happening.

Chef Jennifer Jasinski’s Black truffle gnocchi.

Some say (and the evidence supports ) that we are living in a watershed moment. Women are speaking out and not just the Squad in Congress or on the debate stage. And the collective solidarity of the fair sex is a beautiful thing.

So why then is this group of ladies happy to be back in the kitchen? Isn’t that a ’50s thing?

How about the sorority who wine a lot. (In Telluride at events like the Reserve, “wine” is an interactive verb.)

Those are the women who say “Make gnocchi truffle, not war.” Who grape; not gripe.

With fewer than 10 days to its inaugural event, the Telluride Reserve is set to celebrate women in the world of food and wine.

In an industry typically dominated by men, 21% of chefs are women and 16% of Master Sommeliers in the Americas are women. However, more and more women are attending culinary and viticulture schools, becoming certified as sommeliers and pursuing careers in food and wine.

Telluride Reserve is proud to showcase these women who are pushing the boundaries of food and wine:

Jennifer Jasinski of Rioja, Denver, is a winner of the 2013 James Beard Foundation Award for Best Chef: Southwest and nominee for Outstanding Chef in 2016.

Jen Jasinski

Katy Millard of Coquine in Portland, Oregon, was a James Beard finalist in 2017, 2018 and 2019 and recognized for having one of “America’s Best New Restaurants” by Bon Appétit.

Katy Millard.

Sarah Scott, chef for the famed Mondavi team, has her own business as chef and consultant to wineries and restaurants around the country.

Sarah Scott of Mondavi.

Jayme Henderson is co-founder, farmer and winemaker at The Storm Cellar and is the sole creator of the acclaimed blog, holly & flora.

Rare wine saleswoman Diana Kelley of Tempos Vega Sicilia, is the Regional Manager for markets in North, Central and South America.

Katie Hall is the lead sommelier at Allred’s Restaurant in Telluride and has worked in the food and wine industry for over 20 years.

Stacy Adimando is the Editor-in-Chief of Saveur Magazine and is a James Beard Award-winning cookbook author.

Valerie Masten Bonné is the Vice President of Nati

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