Second Chance: Crazy Cat Lady – Not!

Second Chance: Crazy Cat Lady – Not!

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Big news on CNN folks. Ready? The “crazy cat lady” stereotype has been researched and debunked. And what’s more is that researchers have found that “cat people” (people smart enough to include cats in their households) actually tend to be more empathetic than non-cat owning people. Looks like the “crazy cat lady” is actually the “comforting cat person.”

Yep, sadly the stereotype of the lonely, anxious, deranged, depressed single woman who spits out fur balls when she speaks, has kitty litter falling from her pockets and always smells like tuna was actually prevalent enough that a group of researchers at UCLA decided to turn the concept into a research project.

They studied 500 pet owners comparing pet ownership with mental health-related or social difficulties and found nothing to support the stereotype, or that cat owners are more depressed, anxious, or alone.

So this is useful research dollars at work for us homeless felines here at Second Chance. You have no idea how many times we hear “I can’t adopt another cat or I will surely end up as the crazy ol’ cat lady!” Without even touching upon how sexist this stereotype truly is I will emphasize the truth: cats make people of all gender type more social and balanced.

Just ask a cat parent.

It should be noted that this is not the first time such research has been undertaken. Back in 2017 researchers at University College London found no link between cat ownership and the development of psychotic symptoms. Well now that that is settled (insert exasperated eye roll emoji here), and you can be assured that cats won’t make you psychotic, I expect to see you all down at the shelter later today.

Seriously though, if you combine these scientific breakthroughs with last year’s research findings (previously reviewed in the Second Chance Pet Column) that dogs are not actually all that smart (I have so many comments to make regarding this eureka moment…) then cats have won big today folks. I have already submitted a suggestion to my shelter staff that it is time to increase adoption fees for felines, while giving the dopey dogs a discounted fee…

Ok I will stop picking on the dogs, but I am hoping this will give you all paws for thought. First of all stereotypes cross species lines in terms of how hurtful they can be and second of all…well… I need to go take a nap and will get back to you on my second thought later.

My name is Joy. I arrived with Butterfly, who wrote a Pet Column a few weeks ago. Butterfly was the one found living behind a dumpster with her friend. I was the friend. We were both severely malnourished and in poor health, but have become healthy, happy girls. I am about three-years-young and get along well with other cats while being tolerant of dogs, even the drooly ones.

I am particularly fond of pets and cuddles from friendly people. Come meet me today. If you adopt me, I promise not to let you get crazy and isolated from society.

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