The Nature Conservancy: July Events

The Nature Conservancy: July Events

In July, the Colorado office of The Nature Conservancy is hosting a series of event in the Great Outdoors, family fun.

But TNC operates all over the world. Part-time Telluride local and long-time TNC board member (Colorado first, now Maryland/DC) Pamela Smith recently visited the Brazilian Amazon where, according to a recent article in The Washington Post, deforestation is a major threat with global implications:

“…the forest will no longer be able to pull carbon out of the air at the same rate, allowing about 550 million tons of carbon dioxide to remain in the atmosphere each year…This amount is comparable to the annual emissions of a major economy, such as Canada or South Korea, dealing a potentially critical setback to the global effort to cut greenhouse gas emissions.”

Smith on the purpose and need for her TNC trip: “Our MD/DC chapter forged a partnership with the TNC program in Brazil in the hope we could draw attention and funding to help save the rainforest. On the ground we witnessed the vast areas of clear-cut degraded land; we saw the gorgeous unspoiled rainforest wilderness; and we interacted with an indigenous tribe TNC is helping prevent encroachment into their unspoiled lands. We also learned that approximately 80% of the Amazon forest survives today, but should that number go lower than 75 percent everything changes: the forest starts drying out and dying, turning into savannah. Then weather patterns change too, rains nearly cease, and a huge swath of South, Central and North America –  and the glob – become parched…

Support for The Nature Conservancy helps major protection and preservation initiatives in Colorado all the way to the Amazon jungle and beyond. For more, read The Washington Post story here. And attend this summer’s events in Telluride for family fun – and to help the cause.

ALL RIGHTS. Early summer along the San Miguel River at TNC’s South Fork Preserve.

According to the latest research, as little as 15 minutes in the woods has been shown to reduce test subjects’ levels of cortisol, the stress hormone and lower blood pressure. Increase exposure to the sights, sounds, and smells of nature to 45 minutes and most individuals experience improvements in cognitive performance.

Researchers in England have shown that access to green spaces reduces income-related mental health disparities. And the awe of being at a place like the Grand Canyon – or Telluride – or staring at the Milky Way affirms the mystery of the unknown and takes us out of ourselves.

In awe, we stop staring at our belly buttons, stop ruminating (which can contribute to depression), and magically feel connected to the larger world.

Get your nature fix by joining The Nature Conservancy on its July adventures.


Join TNC’s Colorado State Director, Carlos Fernandez, and fly fishing guides from Telluride Outside for a morning of fly fishing at TNC’s South Fork Preserve on the San Miguel River. Fish and explore the preserve and complete the day with lunch and learning about TNC’s conservation efforts in Southwest Colorado. No fishing experience necessary.

Cost: $220/pp. Does not include fishing gear or Colorado fishing license. First-come, first-served.

A DAY ON THE LOWER DOLORES | Wednesday, July 24

For the adventurous at heart and intermediate/advanced anglers, this full-day trip with TNC’s Carlos Fernandez and Telluride Outside will feature fly-fishing on the Lower Dolores River. During our day, we will be joined by TNC’s freshwater expert to learn more about our work to ensure critical flows in our rivers for nature and people. Experience encouraged.

Cost $350/pp. Does not include fishing gear or Colorado fishing license. First-come, first-served.

WILDFLOWER HIKE | Thursday, July 25

Join Charlotte Jorgensen for her annual romp among the wildflowers outside of Telluride.  A TNC emeritus trustee, Charlotte leads her group on a scenic trek to see the season’s best wildflowers.

Cost: Free.

More about TNC:

The mission of The Nature Conservancy is to protect the lands and waters on which all life depends. Since 1965, TNC been working in Colorado to do just that—helping to protect 1 million acres and improving 1,000 river miles across the state.

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