Telluride Arts: Free Warehouse Party, 7/3!

Telluride Arts: Free Warehouse Party, 7/3!

Some like it hot! Ergo, here’s to a smoking hot roll up to Telluride’s no-holds barred Fourth of July celebration, an Art Party at the Telluride Transfer Warehouse – which is now owned and operated by Telluride Arts and belongs to the people of Telluride. The event takes place Wednesday, July 3, 10 p.m. – midnight, and features live music by Lavalanche, drinks, and a spectacular digital media installation. The night also marks the launch of Telluride Arts’ “Name a Stone ” Campaign. Support Telluride Arts here now.

Transfer / Transmit / Transform / Transcend: Digital Media Art Installation:

Santa Fe-based artists Richard Lowenberg and Morgan Barnard are joining forces with Dan Collins of ASU/Deep Creek Arts and holographic artist, August Muth, to mount a brand new, site-specific digital media arts presentation designed exclusively for the Telluride Transfer Warehouse to celebrate Telluride community’s cultural future, its core at that address on the corner of Pacific and Fir.

In the spirit of community-building, the artists are collaborating on the presentation with a number of old and new local friends, while putting up their projected audio-visual collage.

The project is funded with support from the National Endowment for the Arts.

About the Artists

Morgan Barnard is one of the nation’s leading digital artists and designers working in the areas of public art, interactive media, immersive installations, and live cinema. He is digital artist-in-residence at Ideum, where he creates interactive exhibits for museums and cultural institutions. Located in Santa Fe, Morgan’s studio is focused on creating work that combines interactivity, data-visualization, real-time systems, and experimental digital techniques.

Dan Collins joined the School of Art faculty at Arizona State University in 1989. A Professor in Intermedia, he is founding Director of the 3DVP/PRISM lab (a 3D modeling and prototyping facility) and coordinator of the foundation art program (artCore). Dan is the Founding Director of Deep Creek Arts, established in 1992, with its home base near Telluride. He has been President of the Telluride Institute and Chairman of its Board of Trustees since 2008.

August Muth is one of the world’s leading laser holography artists through his innovative studio and laboratory, the Light Foundry in Santa Fe. Augie was a Norwood resident in years past. His holographic artworks have been exhibited and collected internationally.

Richard Lowenberg has been a pioneering media + new-forms artist for 50 years. He continues to work at the forefront of eco-cultural initiatives locally and globally. Richard serves on the Board of Santa Fe-based “CURRENTS: International New Media Festival.” Based in Telluride from 1979 to 1996, he worked in regional planning, facilitated the community’s earliest involvements in digital and networked media arts and, with Telluride Institute, initiated the InfoZone and worked for over 12 years to bring the best in global culture to mix it up at 8745’+.

Name a Stone Campaign!

Be a part of the foundation of the treasured landmark that is the Transfer Warehouse, a place that will serve Telluride for generations to come.

Built in 1906, the Telluride Transfer Warehouse is a major part of the town’s history. In 2017, its walls were thoroughly evaluate and then, stone by stone, painstakingly restored. The stones represent the foundation of Telluride community: bound together we are much stronger. Now, the reinforced walls create a space where everyone is welcome to gather.

The Telluride community is invited to stand together and support the transformation of this local treasure into a cultural gem by sponsoring a stone and registering it in a name of your choice. A little like naming stars, the stones will not actually be physically inscribed, but will be identified through digital and print media in the building and on the web. With your contribution, you will be issued an official certificate with the name and number of your stone(s).

Mark a stone with your name, commemorate a loved one, a pet, or buy a constellation for your family. Stones start at $100, and can also be earned by volunteering for just four hours.

Unveiling in the Warehouse July 3, and soon available online.

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