Congratulations to Telski’s Bill Jensen, New Hall of Famer

Congratulations to Telski’s Bill Jensen, New Hall of Famer

Bill Jensen, Partner of the Telluride Ski & Golf Resort, (per Forbes) the “alpha” in North America, was honored in April 2019 by the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Club, inducted into that elite snow industry fraternity as a thought-leader among the eight industry leaders in the Class of 2018, which also included Tom Sims, inventor of the “skiboard”; the late Don Henderson, a pioneer of ski racing; Tom Kelly, the leading spokesperson for U.S. Ski & Snowboard, alongside Bode Miller and Andrew Weibrecht 5-time and 2-time Alpine Skiing Olympians respectively; Kristen Ulmer, known as the first female extreme skier; and Hilary Engisch-Klein a world dominating freestyle skier.

In the upcoming edition of Telluride Property‘s Truly Telluride magazine, out in late May, we tell an unabridged version of Jensen’s robust career. For a copy of the longer article head to T-Prop’s HQ, 237 Oak Street, or call 970-728-0808.

A preamble to the Big Story is our eye-witness account (below) of the evening he became one of only 433 individuals from the snow industry to have made that list of inductees since its inception in 1905.

The tribute is well-deserved. Fact is no one has led more resorts in more markets more successfully than Bill Jensen, who was Top Dog at Vail Resorts and Intrawest and, over a 45-year career (and counting), applied his velvet (and Midas) touch to an A-list of mountains including Sunday River, Northstar, Breckenridge, Vail, Whistler – and now Telluride. Few have mentored more industry leaders.

Under his watch, Telluride was named #1 in North America by USA Today, just one of many high-profile media to sing hosannas to our mountain since Bill Jensen arrived on the scene in late 2015. The publication gave the destination a PAF (Pure Awesomeness Factor) of 99 (out of 100).

Scroll down to watch Clint Viebrock’s video of the celebrations surrounding Bill Jensen’s induction. It takes a village…or just the Jensens’ very large crowd. (Of note: Cheryl & Co. sure know how to shake their tail-feathers.)

Seeing double: Bill Jensen at his induction into U.S. Ski & Snowbloard Hall of Fame.

In concert with the 15 million skiers and snowboarders in the U.S., a warm and enthusiastic audience of about 600 snow industry friends and/or professional colleagues – including his”Hotdog” buddies –gathered in the Grand Ballroom of Salt Lake City’s Little America Hotel on April 6 to celebrate the U.S. Ski & Snowboard’s Class of 2018. Dubbed “The Leader,” Bill Jensen was #6 on the program, which introduced each honoree with a short video of his or her life.

On cue, Bill Jensen turned from the screen towards the admiring crowd ready to hang onto his every word and said – wait for it – “What happened to my hair?”

In a New York minute “What happened to my hair” became  the latest addition  to a long list of catch phrases that have become known as “Billisms,” which includes, for example, his now famous “grocery store test.”

“Realize that every action you take with staff and your community has to pass the ‘grocery store test’ because inevitably in a mountain town, every decision or action you take – good and bad – leads to an interaction at the local supermarket.”

But we digress.

The good news about your hair Bill? Over your long, thick and illustrious career there has clearly been an inverse relationship between hair and success. Think of the dichotomy as a clear-cut variation on the theme of less is more.

When he turned 21, Bill Jensen was not given a shiny new car.

Not even a toy model.

Nothing whatsoever wrapped in a pretty bow.

On the morning of his birthday in October 1973, Bill’s parents gently pushed him out of the nest.

“You have 30 days.”

So he flew the coop, landing in Mammoth,  on the way to his destiny. There, boss man Bill Cockcroft took him in and gave him his very first job: Bill Jensen became a liftie, the “gateway drug to the snow industry” (per the evening’s MC, U.S. Ski & Snowboard’s Dan Egan).

Bill Jensen’s 1st boss, Mammoth’s mammoth talent Bill Cockcroft.

After only 10 months in Mammoth, Cockcroft put Bill Jensen in charge of training, payroll, scheduling and more. And, over the next three seasons, he also got to ski more than 200 days.

Nice work if you can get it.

Bill Cockcroft was one among the men and women who had traveled great distances to help lift up their friend and colleague: of the 600 people in the room, 150 were there to support our fearless (and peerless) leader.

Hail, hail, the gang’s was all there:

The Telski crowd.


Cheryl Jensen, Bill’s “hero,” chatting with Telski’s Chuck Horning.


Larry, Pasquale, Bill’s High School buddy & his wife Jill.


Cheryl & friend framing Bill.

But it was Bill who did all the heavy lifting, deflecting the spotlight onto everyone in his crowd.

Bill Jensen turns the spotlight onto his friends and supporters, 150 strong.

Onto Cockcroft, now SVP and consultant in Mammoth. The man beamed – which was all he could do since he had a really bad cause of laryngitis.

Onto Michael Berry,  the recently retired president of National Ski Areas Association (NSAA), who gave Bill his second job in the industry in Sun Valley.

Onto Jim Donohue, a  close friend and business associate of 31 years, who still teaches in Beaver Creek 100+ days a season.

Onto Telski’s Chuck Horning, who so wisely appointed Bill Partner & CEO of Telski in 2015. Horning flew all the way up to Salt Lake from Hawaii for the party.

Bill honored his brother Dan and sister Ray-Ellen.

“I love you.”

He turned the tables on his cheer-leading squad, the well-represented, wildly enthusiastic Telski crowd, applauding his team, asking everyone to take a bow.

“You are only as good as the people you work with.”

Bill especially refocused his spotlight onto his wife Cheryl, his partner of 25 years who, for past 15 years, has worked tirelessly to enhance the lives of veterans of America’s recent wars.

On his night, Bill declared from the podium to all of his world: “You are my hero.”

Back at you Bill.

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