TSRC at the Depot: Last Workshop of Winter Wraps

TSRC at the Depot: Last Workshop of Winter Wraps

TSRC is currently raising funds to support the purchase of is first permanent home. Over 180 community members have pledged founding support for TSRC’s rescue and restoration of the historic Telluride Depot. With a full-time home at the Depot, TSRC will spread out its scientific workshops throughout the year and will be able to offer more programming for the general public. For more information on how to support TSRC’s efforts, please contact Mark Kozak at mark@telluridescience.org.

TSRC scientists studied intermolecular interactions at week-long workshop.

Following a week-long workshop delving into the latest developments in the understanding of intermolecular interactions, the Telluride Science Research Center just completed its final workshop for the winter season. The scientists convening at the Telluride Depot will return to their esteemed institutions across the United States and as far away as Poland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and New Zealand.

The TSRC workshop participants gathered in Telluride to share their latest work and engage with each other, a select group dedicated to defining and describing intermolecular interactions. These interactions are the keys to life. Without intermolecular interactions, the alpha helix structure of DNA would not work. Intermolecular interactions are responsible for the unique ways that water behaves, they likely explain why Mars lost its magnetosphere 4 billion years ago, and they are the reason geckos can walk on a ceiling.

More complete understanding of these interactions allows other scientists to better design solutions to the problems they are working on. The potential benefits from more clearly describing intermolecular interactions are endless.

TSRC will welcome scientists back to Telluride this June at the start of the summer workshop season. With over 58 workshops scheduled, two graduate-level summer schools, and one small conference, 2019 will bring a record number of scientist visits.

Workshops are invitation-only events which attract the brightest minds in science and engineering. Every Tuesday during the summer season, a notable scientist will present a FREE Town Talk designed to inform the public about one of the many topics of research and discussion at TSRC. For a list of the 2019 Town Talk speakers and to learn more about TSRC, visit telluridescience.org.

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Telluride Science Research Center is the world’s largest independent molecular science center, bringing nearly 1,400 scientists to Telluride every year to explore new frontiers in molecular science. Over 180 community members have pledged founding support for TSRC’s rescue of the historic Depot.

If you love the Depot and science that changes the world, contact Mark Kozak at 970.708.4426 to learn how you can support the effort to preserve an iconic, historic building for community use and secure a permanent home for TSRC.

For more information, visit telluridescience.org.

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