The Palm: Classic Cinema & Local Theatre

The Palm: Classic Cinema & Local Theatre

The Bed Sitting Room takes place Saturday, March 23, 7 p.m. at The Palm.\Admission to the Cinema Series is FREE.More information on the film series and other Palm events can be found at

Palm Arts presents the 2019 Classic Cinema Series. The winter series celebrates the 50th anniversary of the films of 1969. 

The series continues on March 23rd with former Telluride resident Dudley Moore’s dark comedy The Bed Sitting Room. Among the ruins of a London devastated by nuclear war, the survivors ineffectually cling to increasingly meaningless social structures. While radioactivity randomly transforms various people into animals and inanimate objects, an absurd election for prime minister takes place. 

The Classic Cinema Series films is presented on the big screen with full theater sound at the Michael D. Palm Theatre in Telluride, Colorado. 

Admission is FREE with all donations benefiting Palm Arts Programming fund.

The winter series concludes April 26th with the 1969 Best Picture Academy Award winner Midnight Cowboy

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