Telluride Theatre: “Since I Dreamed,” 3/6-3/10; 3/14-3/17

Telluride Theatre: “Since I Dreamed,” 3/6-3/10; 3/14-3/17

A completely original theatrical experience is coming to town. Made with love for the community by Telluride Theatre, “Since I Dreamed” plays at the Michael D. Palm Theatre over two successive weekends: March 6-10 & March 14-17, 2019. Mark down the times: March 6, 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16, 7 p.m.; March 8, 9, 15, 16 late-night double feature at 9 p.m.; March 10 & 15, 5 p.m. 

During the evening the audience moves (on a seated platform). Seating is extremely limited per performance. Please arrive early. No refunds are given for latecomers. Fun for the whole family, “Since I Dreamed” is rated PG. (Good for kids 8+.) With music, crazy characters, a wildly talented cast of actors, this happening is not to be missed. Tickets are $20 adults; $10 for students. To purchase tickets, please visit or call 970.708.7629.

Featuring: Suzanne Cheavens, Rachael Cooke, Cat Lee Covert, Erika Curry-Elrod, Stanya Gorraiz, Melissa Harris, Dave Hodges, Kris Kwasniewski, Pamela Sante, Laura Shaunette, Colin Sullivan, Johnny Taylor, Kelsey Trottier, Molly Wickwire-Sante.

Where do you go when you sleep?

SINCE I DREAMED is a journey through the world of dreams. A wild ride – literally… the audience MOVES during the show. (On a comfy seated platform.) A play with theatre, dance, film, music and installation art. An extravaganza through ecstasy, intimacy, joy, fear and an examination into what makes us who we are. What is truly inside us all. Audiences will be transported in this unique theatrical experience. Unlike anything they have ever seen – or dreamed.

The foundation of Telluride Theatre is original work, devised and made by the company. It is unique to who tthe company is and what it brings to the Telluride community. Over the years, Telluride Theatre has created new works like DUDE & BRO & DINNER WITH DIONYSUS. SINCE I DREAMED is completely original… but also unlike any other production the nonprofit has done before.

The show is a chance for the company to get back to their roots while planting a seed to extend its artistic range.

SINCE I DREAMED is part-theatre piece, part art installation, part funhouse ride, part light show, part listening party, part dance concert, part costume parade, part film experience, part experiential creativity… All magic.

Sasha Sullivan, the show’s director and creator states, “I have been wanting to create a multi-media performance piece for a long time. With SINCE I DREAMED I brought together an incredible group of local artists (and one visiting) to create, what I think, will be an incredible experience for audiences. We truly dreamed this show – creating different worlds, characters, costumes, and surprises – bringing together so many different creative elements. I am so excited to share it with the Telluride community.”

The team of artists working to create SINCE I DREAMED have collaborated over the last months to meticulously plan each moment:

“We wanted it to be exciting on a lot of different levels – visually, audibly, emotionally. Creating a whole piece that can take an audience from a bedroom to the depths of the universe,” adds Sasha.

Cat Lee Covert has worked tirelessly to choreograph dance throughout much of the performance:

“This show has been such an incredible journey to watch come to life since sitting down with Sasha, Lauren and Kris six months ago. It is truly unlike anything that we have done before. As a choreographer and artist, it has been quite a challenging gift; no ideas were out of bounds. It’s a wild ride through our dreams and yours.”

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