EcoAction Partners: Telluride Green Grants

EcoAction Partners: Telluride Green Grants

A new grant program supports local businesses and residents in reducing carbon footprint. Telluride Green Grant is funded by the Town of Telluride and administered by EcoAction Partners. Direct funding comes from the Telluride Energy Mitigation Program. Grants of $500 to $40,000 are available. Applications are due by May 17, 2019. Apply here.

The Town of Telluride is pleased to announce Telluride Green Grants, an exciting new grant program that supports local residents and businesses alike in reducing their carbon footprint. The program is now open for business.

Funded by the Town of Telluride and administered by EcoAction Partners, Telluride Green Grants is available for non-profit, commercial, and residential capital projects that deliver measurable greenhouse gas reduction for the Town of Telluride. Grants of $500 to $40,000 are available and applications open today (March 15) and are due by May 17, 2019.

Funding for the grants comes directly from the Telluride Energy Mitigation Program (TEMP), a program that requires mitigation of energy used by exterior energy systems installed on new construction projects such as driveway snowmelt systems, heated garages, and exterior pools and spas. If energy used by these systems is not mitigated through on-site renewable energy, then a fee in-lieu of mitigation is required to allow the Town to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions on behalf of the project.

“We are thrilled that Telluride is taking the initiative to implement this grant program for the community,” says Heather Knox, Executive Director of EcoAction Partners. “We are hopeful that it will encourage and re-energize locals to think of new and creative ways to reduce their carbon footprint.”

The Town of Telluride government has been tracking and mitigating its greenhouse gas emissions since 2003. In 2009, Town officials adopted the Colorado Climate Action Plan 2020 Goal of reducing GHG emissions 20 percent from 2005 levels for the Town government, and achieved this goal in 2012. Through the assistance of RECs purchased from the Ridgway Hydro Dam, the Town government has also been carbon neutral since 2014.

“After the Town of Telluride government reached its goal of becoming carbon neutral in 2014, we saw this grant program as a great opportunity to help the community as a whole to become carbon neutral,” says Council member Todd Brown. “If you have been thinking of a project to help offset the community’s greenhouse gas emissions, we encourage you to apply,” says Brown.

The Telluride community’s total estimated GHG emissions are at approximately 59,600 mtCO2e annually. In 2017, Town officials agreed to update the community’s goal to become “carbon neutral.” In efforts to reach this goal, the Telluride community has been steadily making progress in decreasing emissions through increasing renewable electricity use, improving building energy efficiency for new construction and remodels, and through programs administered by EcoAction Partners, San Miguel Power Association, Black Hills Energy, and other community organizations.

Telluride Green Grants is modeled after the successful San Miguel County Green Grants program that was offered in 2014 and resulted in the implementation of 19 projects that cumulatively reduce GHG emissions by more than 350 mtCO2e annually. Suggested project application ideas include: net-zero building construction, existing building insulation and weatherization actions, boiler and furnace replacements, renewable energy installations, waste reduction projects, and transportation-related fuel reduction efforts.  Other creative projects are encouraged to apply.

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