Second Chance: The Real Star is Born

Second Chance: The Real Star is Born

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First of all I would like to thank my publicist, my stylist, and my trainer for making me look so good. But I wouldn’t be here receiving this award today if it weren’t for my fans who feed me, walk me and boost my spirits every day. And last but not least… Mom, wherever you are and whatever your name is, I love you!

Yes I am slightly channeling Lady Gaga’s dramatic Oscar awards speech for my own but what do you think? I am prepping for when I win the “Furry Flicks & Fashion” dog fashion show (Saturday March 9th at the Ouray County Event Center in Ridgway). Yeah I got this fashion thing nailed tight. It is my big chance to finally get noticed and adopted and I simply can’t wait.

I mean, my name is Star. For reals. How could I not win? Just picture my strong, sleek, red-freckled body tucked tightly into a silvery – “Furry Flick”s is celebrating the 25 year silver anniversary of Second Chance Humane Society – sequined tux suit. The scarlet red bow tie neatly adorning my soft neck. My strong tail proudly waving as I strut along the catwalk (like cat’s could do this?!?!). I was born for this.

I am sure that is why my last family dumped me. Perhaps they couldn’t handle my bright light. Well let me tell you it has only made me shine my light brighter. You will not meet a dog who has more life to live and love to give. I have spent the only two years ‘ve lived so far on the wrong stage with the wrong audience and that act is so over.

I am now seeking a new director of my life, one who allows me to play roles that involve hiking, fetching, squeaky toys and lots of adoring pets and cuddles. I love scenes that involve other dogs too as they just add to the fun. Mostly I want a director who gets me and gets that life is meant to be lived fully.

So at this “Furry Flicks” gig, beyond the catwalk you will also be able to see other dog stars in a variety of jury selected short films from the Bow Wow Film Festival that celebrate all things dog. Films about how dogs make other’s lives better and films that will make you want to bring me, or really any dog, home with you forever.

There will also be a great silent and live auction to raise money for other homeless dogs (and cats) like me here at Second Chance awaiting our opportunity to be the spotlight of someone’s life. So please join me for this event. Tickets are on sale at and the Second Chance Thrift Shop in Ridgway.

Oh, and make sure you wear something silver so you will fit in with all the silvery celebrating. Or wear whatever you want as long as you support this event that supports homeless pets like me. In closing I will apologize in advance to Lady Gaga, who is about to be upstaged by the real Star…

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