Second Chance: Dogs Make the Best Valentine’s Date

Second Chance: Dogs Make the Best Valentine’s Date

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Ahhhh, Valentine’s Day. It is the perfect day for snuggling, petting, kissing and purring – but really so is every day.

Yahoo News reports that one in five people would prefer to spend Valentine’s Day with their pet over their partner. Not so new news to some. Basically, dogs like me have this love thing totally nailed and everyone knows it.

Below are some reasons why dogs make the best Valentine’s Day date:

Dogs don’t talk. I could elaborate, but I think we can all agree that is often a good thing.

Dogs feel safe in a dog crate when left alone, while your date would not appreciate being confined. Nor is it legal.

Dog slobber is cute. Date slobber is very not cute. Ever.

You don’t have to nor should you share your chocolate (a highly rated bonus of Valentine’s Day) with a dog, nor would you want to share our desert. (Bully sticks! And yes they really are bull penises.)

A dog won’t look hopefully, then desperately, and finally disdainfully into your eyes when the evening doesn’t end in a helicopter ride to Paris and a romantic marriage proposal. Won’t happen. Prolonged eye contact totally freaks us out.

Being adored by a dog is the best. When we follow you around it’s cute. If a date follows you around it is called stalking.

Dogs could care less about your outward appearance. You don’t have to buy expensive clothes, you don’t even have to shower (in fact the more odoriferous the better!). A nice stroll, toss a ball around, dole out a healthy belly rub and you’re golden! Low maintenance explosion!

You will never have to dream up a way to gently/firmly/sneakily “get rid” of a dog. Because you’d never want to get rid of a dog! Dogs are fun and funny, and goofy, and handily clean food right off the kitchen floor for you when you drop it. Dates seem to think that kind of thing is below them. Lame.

Pup snuggles are the best. Okay, snuggles from a human can be pretty darn good too, but when I nuzzle into the nape of your neck and huff a grumbly sigh of content, you’ll want to stay in that exact same position for the rest of your life.

Most dogs don’t read, so you can flip off Mr. Hallmark and make the day just about love. And love from a dog comes without a price tag.

I know that some people think it is so old new consumerist and conventionally predictable to celebrate Valentine’s Day – but what the heck. Life is short and if we can’t take a day to celebrate love than life just became even shorter. (And although I don’t like those too-hot cinnamon hearts I love me a good doting admirer…)

My name is Princess. But the only royal treatment I am looking for is to be adopted. I adore people and will make you feel like every day is Valentine’s Day. I would like to be with an active family and, although I do like other dogs, I would be fine being your one and only too. I am young Boxer/Bull mix who is energetic, loving and super good at giving kisses.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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