Second Chance: Picturing the Human-Animal Bond

Second Chance: Picturing the Human-Animal Bond

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“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened,” Anatole France.

Do you remember the first time that slumbering part of your soul was awakened?

Often people respond to this question by describing a poignant moment of connecting with a family pet during childhood. Others recall connecting with a pet they simply met in passing. Some, who grew up with family pets, have unknowingly felt this connection for their lifetime. Regardless, at Second Chance this awakening is referred to as the human-animal bond. It is a force to be reckoned with and I will share with you how to capture it.

The human-animal bond is defined as “a mutually beneficial and dynamic relationship between people and animals that positively influences the health and well-being of both.” Promoting the human-animal bond has been part of the Second Chance Humane Society mission for 25 years now. It is through the human-animal bond that pet overpopulation, pet neglect and abuse, pet abandonment and, well, Second Chance itself, will someday all be concepts of the past.

As part of its upcoming major fundraiser, Furry Flicks & Fashion (March 9 at the Ouray County Event Center – tickets on sale now at Second Chance Thrift Shops or online above), Second Chance is hosting its Second Annual Amateur Pet Photo Contest. I find that photos are one of the best ways to capture the essence of this human-animal bond and I so enjoy seeing, via images, how others experience this connection. (Hop onto Second Chance’s event page learn more about this contest, which includes prizes. The deadline for submissions is Feb. 28th).

If you missed the inaugural Furry Flicks & Fashion last year you won’t want to do that again.

Furry Flicks is a fundraiser for Second Chance’s life-saving programs and services, but it also promotes the human-animal bond mission through partnering with the Bow Wow Film Festival. Bow Wow tours nationally to share amazing dog-centric short films that offers viewers a broader understanding of what “the bond” is all about.

Speaking of second chances, I have been waiting three years for mine. No that was not a typo. My person passed three years ago and I have been waiting to find a new person to call my own ever since. So I will share a little more about me, Clementine.

I am a generously proportioned seven-year-young orange tabby. My favorite hobbies are sunbathing, escaping my shared cat room to play with additional Second Chance friends (one can never have too many friends), and surfing the internet.

I have a minor special need due to my lack of a tail. Sometimes I need help cleaning…you know…down by where my tail is supposed to be. The most important thing about me is I am a love bug and I totally, undeniably get the whole human-animal bond thing. So if you still don’t understand what it is all about – adopt me as your “Darlin’ Clementine” and I guarantee that you will…

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