Second Chance: Pet Rescue & Adoption Act

Second Chance: Pet Rescue & Adoption Act

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The last Second Chance Pet Column of 2018 was about urging your legislator to approve a bill to prevent the USDA from unnecessarily killing kittens. The first Pet Column of 2019 is about legislation in California that is going to keep thousands of pets from being killed. The year is starting off right!

California is the first state in the country to ban stores from selling dogs, cats and rabbits that are not rescues. I don’t care what you personally think about California – clearly they got this right. And obviously it is the place to be if you are a homeless pet. Go California – way to be bold and take action!

The Pet Rescue and Adoption Act, which was signed into law by California Gov. Jerry Brown in 2017, went into effect on January 1st. The law requires all pet shops to identify the public animal control agency, shelter or rescue group the animal came from. Such information must be on display on its cage or in its enclosure.

And the Golden State is taking this bill seriously. The stores must also give public animal control agencies and shelters periodic access to those records. Anyone found to violate the law would be subject to a $500 fine. Buyah!!!

The law intends to promote the adoption of pets from shelters and to help stop supporting mass breeding facilities ― popularly known as “puppy mills” ― which often have deplorable and inhumane conditions.

“In many cases, puppy mills house animals in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions without adequate food, water, socialization or veterinary care,” a fact sheet for the legislation said. “As a result, animals bred in these facilities often face an array of health problems, including communicable diseases, behavioral issues and genetic disorders.”

The California public will still be allowed to purchase dogs, cats and rabbits directly from private breeders, but I am hoping that the historical passing of this legislation has helped (and will continue to) educate and discourage people away from puppy mills. Or to at least know how to identify responsible breeders.

My name is Slinky. I am a two-year-old grey tabby with beautiful markings. My staff here at Second Chance initially thought I was a scaredy- cat when I first arrived. (I would slink around and hide – hence my name.) But I fooled them all because I am actually a love bug.

Another cool thing about me, apparently a slinky is a popular toy from the 70’s as well. One of my staff (who was actually alive during that era!) will often sing me the slinky song: “slinky… slinky… it’s fun for a girl and a boy!”. I feel this is true about me, being fun, just not with other dogs or cats as I don’t care for them so much. But hey with a love bug like me who needs em?

Start 2019 out right – adopt me today!

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