Dr. Paul Hokemeyer’s Mental Health Series Starts, 12/10

Dr. Paul Hokemeyer

Dr. Paul Hokemeyer’s Mental Health Series Starts, 12/10

A Telluride local since the 1990’s, Dr. Paul Hokemeyer is an internationally recognized expert who treats clinical issues at the nexus of relationships and behavioral health. He is licensed in New York State and Colorado as a Marriage and Family Therapist and serves on the board of directors for the New York Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. Dr. Paul holds a B.A. in economics, an M.A. and Ph.D. in psychology, a certification in Clinical Trauma Therapy and a law degree as well.

Dr. Paul travels frequently to work with individuals and families in the United States, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates and the European Union. His upcoming book on the psychological challenges of wealth and celebrity is to be published in Spring 2019 by Hazelden Publishing and distributed by Simon & Schuster.

If you are interested in learning more from Dr. Paul on subjects ranging from narcissism to addiction and how to talk to your kiddos today, go here to scroll through his Shrink Rap columns on Telluride Inside…and Out. And plan to attend his series of upcoming talks, December 10, January 14, and February 11, on mental health issues from strengthening relationships to suicide and addiction. The event takes place at Telluride’s five-star Wilkinson Public Library and is hosted by the Library and Telluride TV.

Dr, Paul

Dr. Paul Hokemeyer, a longtime Telluride local and one of the world’s most sought after media experts for his on-air work on CNN International, Al Jeezara, Good Morning America, FOX News, and the Today Show, is also frequently quoted by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, U.S. News and World Report, Market Watch, WebMD, London’s Daily Mail, Men’s Health International, Prevention, Women’s Day, Yahoo, and others.

Since Dr. Paul is in high demand all over the world – and facing a tight deadline with his upcoming book on the challenges of wealth and fame – it is a rare treat to be able to catch Dr. Paul live and in person in town.

Dr. Paul’s Mental Health Series:

December 10th- Strengthening Relationships in the Age of Technology

While the internet enables us to expand our connections to people, places and information far outside our local community, it also causes us to feel deficient, alone and relationally compromised. Many of us wonder if in sharing our personal lives on social media sites like Facebook we have made a Faustian bargain, trading our soul for moments of connection. In this facilitated discussion, Dr. Paul will explain how the internet impacts the most primitive parts of our brains, why we find it so sedative and how we can make sure it enhances, rather than diminishes our emotional and physical well being.

January 14th- When A Bluebird Day Isn’t:  Suicide in Our Mountain Town

Most of us came to Telluride convinced we’d entered Nirvana, only to find that the stresses of living under extraordinary economic and social pressures activate feelings of hopelessness and despair. Together with Dr. Sharon Grundy of the Telluride Medical Center, Dr. Paul will provide a forum to enable attendees to understand the environmental and social factors that heighten our emotional sensitivities to both elation and despair here in our box canyon and help create a community response to our suicide epidemic.

February 11th- When Even The Peak Isn’t High Enough: Addiction in Our Box Canyon

In our modern lexicon, the word addiction has become jargon. What’s the difference between being intense, and being addicted? In this conversation, Dr. Paul, one of the nation’s leading experts on addictive disorders, will explain the physiology of addiction and the various roads to recovery.

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    I have been dying to tell Mz.Viebrock that her book on Durango, and design by Anthony (no last name given) that this is THE BEST book I have EVER seen. I’m 82, feisty, and in love with anything to do with history in Co. Your book is so unique and creative, and thrills me to read it over and over again. I live in Texas in winter and Bayfield, Co. 4 mnths. My BIGGEST hug to you for the joy it has brought me. Sincerely, Hope Hamilton

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