Second Chance: Pets & Hoarders, No Bueno

Second Chance: Pets & Hoarders, No Bueno

My name is Sadie. Before my housemates and I arrived here at Second Chance we lived in a small house with far too many dogs. There were dogs just everywhere I turned and only one elderly person trying take care of us all. She did her best and she thought she was doing a great job – but she wasn’t.


Now that I get regular food, care and attention, walks, and space to run around I am feeling much better. But I spent five years in very close quarters with far too many dogs so, although I am ready to find a new home of my own, I will still need some time to adjust to this novel (and greatly improved!) lifestyle.

My staff here are Second Chance have been amazed by what they call the resiliency of my housemates and I since arriving here. In our former life we had to learn to be quite adaptive. Fortunately we brought that skill with us and have been rather trusting and accepting of the many new people and dogs we have met. We continue to get along well with each other and are really hoping to settle into new homes of our own fairly smoothly.

I will admit that I would probably feel quite lost without any other dogs around, so I would really like one other dog in my new home. I think that will help me to transition as well as build confidence in a new environment.

I am a lovely Border Collie/Aussie mix of five years young. As would be expected I am a shy girl but I am very gentle and once I get to know someone, I do love to snuggle up and give and receive affection. I think I could really get used to doing that.

Because I grew up in rather different circumstances from most dogs I will need a patient and understanding new family but I already love going on nice long walks and being with people so it won’t take me long to adjust to a less chaotic lifestyle.

When people hear about how I lived they get distressed and even angry. I would like to share that people who hoard are ill. They simply cannot see that what they have created is not the way a dog (or person) to live. They do have good intentions, but just not the capacity to make good choices or take the right actions. It is sad and I hope that better solutions for helping people with this disease are forthcoming so that less pets like me have to suffer.

I just want to move onward now and let go of my past. I look forward to meeting the family that will better help me to understand what being a dog is really supposed to look and feel like. And thank you all for supporting Second Chance in all the different ways that you do. You have all saved my life and that of hundreds of others.


Prefer feline love? April is the cat of the week here at Second Chance. She has been waiting over 1 1/2 years for her second chance and is really due for a good turn in her life as well. April is a 2 1/2- year girl who arrived pregnant and hungry. She cared for her babies until they all found new homes and it is past time to give this calm and sweet girl the new life she deserves.

Vetting the Vet: Dr. Michelle Dally, DVM, J.D. is Medical Director of Second Chance Humane Society. She also has a private practice, Dally Veterinary Medicine, 333 S. Elizabeth Street, Ridgway, Colorado. Her service area is  San Miguel Mesas, Placerville, Ridgway, Ouray, and Montrose. For more on Dr. Dally, go here.

Michelle & Wallowby

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