Music on the Green: Kevin McCarthy Trio, 8/24

Music on the Green: Kevin McCarthy Trio, 8/24

Denise Mongan’s Live Music on the Green series takes place on Reflection Plaza just outside Madeline Hotel & Residences. The next concert in Telluride Mountain Village, which takes place Friday, August 24, 5 – 7 p.m., features the Kevin McCarthy Trio – and all that jazz.

Please scroll down for a taste of what’s to come.

Kevin McCarthy perform Friday at Music on the Green.

Their very first gig set the tone and trajectory of the band. The momentum was undeniable. Everyone agreed the nascent Kevin McCarthy Trio had it going on.

And it still does.

It all has to do with the notion of the whole and its parts: when performing, each member of the Trio always puts his own spin the the sound, direction and balance of the composition. The soul of the music depends on that dynamic, which works for every set.

Playing a mix of modern jazz, blues and originals, a Kevin McCarthy Trio performance takes listeners on a journey, which in large part is dictated by those listeners. In other the words, they play to the crowd, a sound infused with the kind of seamless improvisation that comes from total complicity.

Mike Enriquez has an ability to hold down the bass and be perfectly supportive with every note. His solos reflect the depth of a very musical voice. Mike is the glue that holds the Trio together.

Chris Goplerud drives the band with an infectious groove, always nimble and creative. Chris has a deep knowledge of jazz and a passion for the music that is inspirational. He shapes the band’s sound from beginning to end, contributing to the Trio’s dynamics.

“Performing with these talented individuals has been and remains an honor,” says Kevin McCarthy, the leader of the pack. “What has come together is our love of the jazz repertoire, the pleasure of finding like-minded individuals who can play, and venues like Telluride Jazz, the Sheridan Opera House, the Serbino Theater, The Palm, and the Wright Opera House to to play in. And now we add Reflection Plaza to our list of favorite places to perform. See you there.”

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