Christ Church: Scott Cossu & The Sliderz, Christ Church, 8/21

Christ Church: Scott Cossu & The Sliderz, Christ Church, 8/21

If you were around Telluride in the 1980s, you might remember the name “Scott Cossu” and a sold-out concert at the historic Sheridan Opera House back in 1988. After a year’s hiatus, Cossu returns to town  for an encore performance at Telluride’s Christ Church. With him are vocalist Beth Quist and Scott Emerson Doser on percussion. The performance takes place Tuesday night, August 21, 7 p.m. Admission is by donation. All are welcome.

“This year we are a trio: piano, percussion and Vocabularies. We’ve had a lot of fun playing in this unique format and hope you will come out and experience the joy we feel playing for our friends,” says Cossu. “It’s a little bit Jazz, a little bit Latin, sometimes New Age and sometimes Barrel House Boogie Woogie! It’s always fun!”

Scott Cossu is an internationally known, composer, pianist, and recording artist, up front when New Age was just beginning over 30 years ago. He was also one of the first artists to sign Windham Hill Records in the late 1970’s. Scott signed onto the label the same day as Michael Hedges and they both joined George Winston, who was just new to the label himself. In those early days, Scott toured with his labelmates as they forged the way for the many artists who would follow in that genre.

Scott affectionately describes his music as “Heavy Mental” or “Cosmic National Geographic.” Although he was one of the grandfathers of the New Age scene, Billboard magazine labeled Scott a “jazz luminary of the future.” Much of Scott’s work departs from New Age and includes a melodic blend of jazz, classical, and ethnic influences.

Throughout the 1980’s, Scott Cossu produced a number of hit recordings, closing out the decade with sold-out shows in Germany, England, Japan, and Chile.

As the Windham Hill label grew and changed, many of the label’s artists took a new direction – and so did Cossu. He signed with the well-known distributor, Allegro-Music in Portland, Oregon, and joined their label Alula Visions. He has since released Emerald Pathway, When Spirits Fly and Tides Between Us, all of which received generous air play both at home and abroad.

Scott Cossu grew up in the small town of Greenfield, Ohio. He began playing piano at age 11, the day his father brought home a small grand piano for the family. As a teen, he took lessons in classical music, but on weekends, Cossu played rock ‘n roll. In high school, he made the National Athletic Honor Society, received a National Keyboard Award and was captain of his swim team, but he gave up a swimming scholarship to pursue his love of music. Scott Cossu graduated Ohio University, School of Music. He holds a Master’s Degree in Ethnomusicology from University of Washington.

These days, Cossu spends much of his time performing or in his studio, but also keeps busy with projects that include television advertisements, film documentaries, and nature videos. He has worked with award-winning photographer, Art Wolfe, as well as environmental artist, Christo.

Cossu continues to live in the Northwest, content with his musicians’ life of touring and composing, being with his family and surrounded with the beauty the region has to offer.

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