Second Chance: Bow Wow Bullseye, Mira & Raja

Second Chance: Bow Wow Bullseye, Mira & Raja

To some, the thought of a film festival all about dogs is met with a laugh or snark. Others, however embrace and cheer such an event. I have to say, as a homeless dog, thank goodness for the latter group. They are the ones who rooted, cried, chuckled and howled during last Sunday’s Bow Wow Film Festival in Telluride. Those people give me hope and inspiration – as the Bow Wow films themselves did.


My name is Mira. I am a beautiful brown-and-white husky mix of only about 2 ½ years young, here at Second Chance Humane Society. My sweet demeanor makes me a very lovable girl. I get along great with other dogs and love my people so much that I tend to work hard not to be left behind. I do have some health issues, which I fear may make it harder for me to get adopted. But I am hopeful that, just like in the Bow Wow films, love will overcome.

At the Bow Wow Fest there wereshorts that made people laugh in recognition of the antics they put up with for the love of a dog and there were films that made people cry remembering why it is so many people do put up with these antics. And many reminded us about the importance of the human-animal bond.

There was also a beautiful film about pets like me who had some physical challenges and how their people didn’t give up on them and how greatly their people were rewarded for it. I most liked the way the films so easily captured the manner in how people’s hearts just overflow with love for their four-legged family members.

So I thank the great folks at Bow Wow for starting another nation-wide tour of these incredible films in Telluride (and look forward to the Festival returning when Second Chance brings them back to Montrose in the autumn and Ridgway next spring). These films save lives – and I do believe they will save mine as well.

On behalf of my staff here at Second Chance I would like to give a big shout out of thanks to all the event sponsors, auction donors, attendees, volunteers and more who made this a great event and raised money to help homeless pets like me here in the Second Chance Tri-county service region. The generosity of our animal loving community lifts my spirits and warms my heart – and is so greatly appreciated.

So yes – there really is a film festival about dogs and maybe someday I will  be featured in one of the entries. Until then, if you adopt me, I will work hard to remind you every day that you are loved and that you will never be lonely or bored the rest of our days together.


I would also recommend Raja, a beautiful tabby all of three months old. She is very lovable and wants to lay in your lap and play with her kitten friends here at Second Chance. Raja also enjoys napping in high places after a good wrestle with her friends.

Vetting the Vet: Dr. Michelle Dally, DVM, J.D. is Medical Director of Second Chance Humane Society. She also has a private practice, Dally Veterinary Medicine, 333 S. Elizabeth Street, Ridgway, Colorado. Her service area is  San Miguel Mesas, Placerville, Ridgway, Ouray, and Montrose. For more on Dr. Dally, go here.

Michelle & Wallowby

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