Honoring Joyce Allred

Honoring Joyce Allred

He came.

He saw.

She conquered.

Ron & Joyce Allred, 2013.

Back in 1978, when Ron and his business partner Jim Wells were busy transforming 3.5 square miles of land on what was once sheep ranches into a world-class ski resort, Ron’s life partner, Joyce, was less than happy.

The Telluride she found, her new home under protest, had collapsed in the late-1970s after the 100-year-old mining industry closed its doors. Half of Main Street was boarded up and people were high-tailing it out of town, all muttering darkly under their breath.

Including, as we said, Joyce.

However it did not take long for the lady to change her tune – and the town along with it. Joyce is a lemonade-from-lemons kind of gal.

A short list of Joyce Allred’s accomplishments, in no particular order, include:

Founding a women’s network to help newbies matriculate.

And a garden club.

Planting trees to bring some green to dusty brown streets.

Creating a home tour to raise money to support Telluride’s revitalization (as above).

Even getting the Town of Telluride to purchase its first street sweeper –  aptly named, The Joyce.

And with her hanging buddy Shari Flatt, in the late-1980s, returning the Town of Telluride’s Fourth of July parade to its former glory after the event was shut down because it had gotten out of control. (Read way too many bikers.)

All that while shepherding a very large family.

On Tuesday, July 3, a group of about 100 of Joyce’s nearest and dearest gathered at Allred’s to celebrate their friend’s 80th birthday.

Which for a woman like Joyce Allred is really like turning 21 – but with 59 years of experience.

Among the many toasts given at the afternoon gathering was this one in the form of verse by Joyce’s lovely daughter Kim Fulton Huffstutler.

You go girls.

Kim Fulton Huffstutler with her mom, Joyce Allred, at the celebration at Allred’s of Joyce’s 80th birthday.

There once was a gal named Joyce
Throughout her life a ‘First Choice’
It started in Florence with Tom and Fran
Now she is Eighty with Ron and the Clan

When in high school, then known as ‘Legs’
She twirled her baton and followed the regs
Was top of her class and a fashion plate
Keeping up with her now-hey Ron ain’t that great!

Off to Pueblo with Charlotte (her best friend)
For gainful employment and to meet nice young men
The next thing we know, along came Doyle
And several years later a little turmoil- ‘end of Doyle’

Two children to raise in those hectic days
She got into real estate ‘that was the craze’
And wouldn’t you know she went right to the top
She was awarded Top Salesman – her achievements won’t stop

Though Ron now gets credit for real estate coups
It’s Joyce with the talent (note early clues)
Top salesman then, boy life was great
It was an Avon-Colo. Springs ride that changed her fate

After chasing Ron for over a year
They finally got married and he brought her here
(almost end of Ron)
It took her a while to conform and adjust
But now she’s a legend and stay here she must

She entertains well; she pretties the town
But out-skiing Ron is why she’s renowned
She’s so busy here it’s hard to stay sane
So she goes off to Maui where she can raise cane

With 52 in the family to organize and feed
Full time help in the kitchen is a number one need
But she does it herself and she does it so well
How she gets it all done – she never will tell

Well Mom…
Now you’re eighty but you’ve still got the touch
And we’re gathered today cause we love you so much!!!

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  • Jane Huffstutler
    Posted at 12:38h, 06 July

    i am fortunate to know Joyce through her daughter, Kimberly, whom I claim as my daughter-in-law. Lovely article about a very talented lady.