EcoAction: Greenlights LED Program, Through 6/29

EcoAction: Greenlights LED Program, Through 6/29

Telluride’s EcoAction Partners is pleased to announce another year of GREENLIGHTS, a rebate program sponsored by San Miguel Power Association (SMPA) and supported by the Telluride Foundation and participating governments – Ouray and San Miguel Counties, and the towns of Telluride, Ridgway, Ouray, and Mountain Village – and EcoAction. 

The program allows residents and businesses the opportunity to purchase LED light bulbs at an extremely discounted rate of up to 75% off. The mission is to encourage everyone to switch over to LED light bulbs to save money, reduce energy use, and ultimately help the environment. The Greenlights LED Program runs through June 29. Order here.

The collaborative Greenlights LED rebate program gives residents and businesses the opportunity to purchase high quality name brand LED light bulbs at a discounted rate of 75% off at the time of purchase. The rebate is factored into the purchase price, so buyers don’t have to wait for a refund.

EcoAction Partners uses its relationships with regional governments and a local wholesaler to subsidize the cost of LED bulbs and buy at a discounted bulk price.

Please note that this is not your typical online order.

EcoAction consolidates orders and purchases when we reach the bulk quantity, therefore your order may take a few weeks to receive, and orders will be available for pickup in participating communities.

There is a finite amount of money available for this subsidy program and the program may end before June 29 if funds are depleted, so don’t wait to order!

Customers will need their SMPA account number and service address to order (your SMPA electricity bill has this information).

All current San Miguel Power Association LED Program Guidelines are applied to this opportunity.

Greenlights will be available throughout the SMPA service territory in the following areas:


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