Telluride Society for Jazz: Kathy Kosins, 3/28 & 3/29

Telluride Society for Jazz: Kathy Kosins, 3/28 & 3/29

The Telluride Society for Jazz brings award-winning vocalist Kathy Kosins to Telluride on Wednesday, March 28 and Thursday, March 29, for a series of music clinics and to celebrate the opening of a show of her paintings at Telluride’s Ah Haa School. Kosins is also giving a free concert at Ah Haa on the 29th, 6 – 8 p.m., accompanied by Denver keyboardist Jeff Jenkins. The evening includes wine, beer and heavy appetizers.

Scroll down to listen to a podcast with Kosins and for a taste of  her sound.

In his treatise, “Concerning the Spiritual in Art,” painter Wassily Kandinsky, the father of abstraction, said this: “… sight has been known to harmonize not only with the sense of taste but with the other senses. Many colors have been described as rough or prickly; others as smooth and velvety…”

Synesthesia is a condition in which the brain links a person’s senses together, prompting unusual sensory responses to stimuli. People with synesthesia, for example, might see a certain color in response to a certain letter of the alphabet or see sounds, taste words and/or feel a sensation on their skin when they smell a certain scent.

Kandinsky was himself a synesthete, part of an illustrious fraternity that includes quite a few talented artists through history, people like author Vladimir Nabokov; actor Geoffrey Rush; poet Arthur Rimbaud; artist Vincent Van Gogh; and musicians/composers Franz Liszt Duke Ellington, Bill Joel,Tori Amos, Pharrell Williams, Dev Hynes and…

Kathy Kosins.

As a jazz vocalist and entertainer with a decades-long international career, Kosins says when she sings, she sees color. And, as a visionary artist who has been painting modern abstract canvases since 1990, she also says that when she paints, she hears music.

“For me, art and music are one in the same, there’s no separation and there never has been,” Kosins told Styleine.

One gift inspires and informs the other, simply and gracefully – and in Kosins’ case, also melodically.

Born and bred during the Motown era in Detroit, Kosins got her start in the music business singing and arranging background vocals for producer Don Was (now president of Blue Note Records) in the early 1980s, just as he prepared to record his first album. That gig led to Kosins becoming a sought-after session singer. Was hired her to write and sing backing vocals, plus contract a team of vocalists.

And with her soulful, smooth-as-silk voice, flawless phrasing and deep-rooted passion for stories and characters, the lady has been busy ever since.

With the February release of her sixth album, Uncovered Soul, Kosins continues to win the hearts of critics and fans around the globe.

 “Uncovered Soul was written for and about women. I wrote this to describe the conflict between the heart and the mind. It’s about the desire to move forward in a relationship yet, wanting to tread carefully because of past hurts and unknowns of the future,” explained the artist.

“I’ve been listening to a lot of records lately where I thought that there is always something missing…This new record from Detroit-based singer Kathy Kosins definitely falls into the ‘they don’t make records like this anymore’ category. What you get here are actual songs without any stupid gimmicks, a crisp and rich production and a singer with a voice that has been trained as a sought-after backing vocalist, esteemed jazz artist with some great albums under her own name, and a skilled songwriter who surrounds herself with the perfect people to help get her message across.

“What I like most about Kathy’s voice is her wonderfully thick and rich timbre which simply oozes soul and blues and jazz. It all comes so naturally to her that it is really a joy listening to this outstanding album,” raved Gina Loves Jazz.

No big surprise, Kosins’ music and painting often connect and she tends to coordinate gallery shows to coincide with gigs in a way other single-tasking artists do not. She even paints on stage, capturing brush strokes inspired by music, auctioning off her work live on stage to benefit whatever cause.

Welcome to Kosins’ show at Ah Haa, where she should wow the crowd when she performs there on Thursday, March 29, 6 – 8 p.m. The free concert, which also features Denver keyboardist Jeff Jenkins, cues up a show of Kosin’s paintings at Ah Haa.

The Ah Haa program is preceded by a series of classes, as follows:

On Wednesday March 28, at noon, Kosins is conducting a one-hour class at the Telluride High School for music students.

On Wednesday evening, 6 – 8 p.m., Kosins leads a singing workshop. The class is open to the general public and free, but requires pre-registration. Just call or text Jim Berkowitz at 720-384-5953.

On Thursday, March 29, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m., a clinic at Ah Haa is about “Improvisation on Canvas.” In this class students will paint to jazz music while focusing on freedom of expression using texture and colors to guide everyone into creating a piece of abstract art. Inspiration will come from the sounds of jazz artists of the Be Bop era, including Thelonious Monk, Charlie Parker, Dizzy and Miles.

The Ah Haa clinic requires pre-registration and a $75 course fee, which can be paid via Ah Haa’s website or by calling 970-728-3886.

“One of the most alluring voices in Jazz,” raved The Chicago Tribune.

“Kathy Kosins is one of the finest singers in the world,” Don Was, President, Blue Note Records.

“Kosins is a delightful surprise… reminiscent of Peggy Lee…worthy of Dinah Washington,” said Jazz Times.

About The Telluride Society For Jazz:

The Telluride Society for Jazz (TSJ), a 501(c)(3) organization, presents and hosts musical performances and opportunities for music education within the Town of Telluride and the surrounding region, both during the annual Telluride Jazz Festival and at other times throughout the year.

The overall goal in partnership with our production partner SBG Productions is to produce The Telluride Jazz Festival.

TSJ utilizes its net proceeds from the festival, along with grants and charitable donations from the public, to support and expand its educational programs.

TSJ’s signature music education program is the Telluride Jazz All-Stars. Other programs include Artist in the Schools programming; scholarships and travel assistance for participants in its new Jazz/Adventure camp, a cooperative venture with the Telluride Academy; and the presentation of concerts and lectures periodically throughout the year in conjunction with the Palm Arts Center and other local organizations.

About The Ah Haa School for the Arts:

The Ah Haa School for the Arts is a dynamic art school in Telluride, Colorado dedicated to inspiring all people to discover, nurture, and celebrate creativity.

Ah Haa offers year-round classes, workshops, art trips and retreats, open studios, lectures, Family Days, exhibitions and special events in Telluride.

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