Telluride Museum: Craft Cocktail Comeback, 2/24

Telluride Museum: Craft Cocktail Comeback, 2/24

Join the Telluride Historical Museum for its second annual winter fundraiser,”The Social: 1990s Craft Cocktails Comeback.” The event takes place Saturday, February 24, 2018, 6:30 p.m., at the Ah Haa School for the Arts. All proceeds benefit the Museum. Tickets are $35 in advance; $45 at the door. To purchase tickets call 970-728-3344; stop by the Museum at 201 West Gregory Avenue; or visit the website hereAdmission includes includes two free drink tickets and finger food.

The Telluride Historical Museum’s The Social celebrates the colorful history of of Telluride in the ‘90s, while also promoting local distilleries and distributors. The event is a great opportunity for locals and guests to come out and support the Museum while enjoying libations inspired by the 1990s cocktail renaissance.

Mixed drinks and craft cocktails have deep roots pre- and post-Prohibition, but by the 1990s, many bartenders enthusiastically sought to redefine what a cocktail was.

Huge advances in technology including cable television, the World Wide Web, and email transformed pop-culture and the way people drank. Fueled by a changing music scene and the advent of MTV, alcoholic drinks became a featured accessory of the music video craze and reality television. Sexually progressive shows such as Sex and the City popularized new martini flavors and mixes. Wine coolers became a new social drinking staple; bubbly beverages called alcopops, such as Zima, a lemon-lime-beer-alcohol combination, gained short-term success too.

The Museum’s fundraiser not only includes speciality drinks celebrating a dynamic decade – libations by Telluride Distilling Company, Wolfpig Mobile Bar + Mezcal Vago, Buffalo Trace + Wheatley Vodka, andwell as Suerte Tequila –  it also explores Telluride in the 1990s via a pop-up exhibit.

Remember some of the best Telluride traditions have their roots in the ’90s, among them, the Telluride AIDS Benefit, Telluride Blues and Brews, the Gondola, and the Nothing Festival.

Although not required, the Museum hopes to see attendees get in sync with the ‘90s theme by dressing the part, bringing stories, and sharing experiences from the  decade.

The evening also includes a “Wall of Booze” raffle.

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