Telski: Big Snow Hits Telluride Region

Telski: Big Snow Hits Telluride Region

Following the robust holiday season ending 2017, guests showering Telluride with hosannas for service quality and what to do, the Telluride Ski Resort looks forward to welcoming more visitors over the 2018 winter season to share the mountain with locals following recent January storms – with the promise of more flakes coming. 

Today, January 11, Telski opened new terrain in the Lift 5 area and anticipates opening additional terrain over the next few days.

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Telski, image shot January 11, 2018.

If the Holy Grail is 36 inches of snowfall – the gospel according to Telski’s head honcho Bill Jensen – then the Telluride region is on its way to yet another great winter season in 2018.

On Wednesday, January 10, the snow started falling hard, turning Telluride’s Main Street into a Hallmark card, dressing naked aspens in chic winter white, nearly erasing green and brown from the landscape.

Snow that effectively transformed the ground into a blank canvas on which to paint a beautiful image of winter 2018.

Light on top, dense below, this fresh blanket should be perfect to ski or ride.

And with a promising forecast from weather gurus, this season Telluride should easily continue to earn its well-deserved reputation as the  #1 Ski Resort in North America (by readers of Condé Nast Traveler). Forbes, Town & Country, Free Skier, W Magazine, Vogue also add to the love. (Read what they have to say here.)

“Yesterday, Telluride proved to be the big winner in Colorado’s snow derby,” said a very pleased Matt Windt, Telski’s VP, Sales & Marketing. “The mountain got 11” over the last 24 hours bringing our five-day snow total to 23”. With nearly two feet of new, the Telluride Ski Resort anticipates our crack operations teams will be able to open new terrain over the next few days. We have the best conditions of the season right now and the forecast looks promising for addition snowfall to hit Telluride over the next 7-10 days.”

Fair to say the lazy sod/snow god Ullr finally got his mojo working. With his help, we could hit 36″ before the end of the month.


But then, a picture  – and video – is worth a thousand words. (Note, all images are courtesy of Telski. )

Shot January 11, 2018:

Wilson Peak

Shot January 10, 2018:

And check out this video here.

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