Palm Arts: Ailey II at Michael D. Palm, 2/11

Palm Arts: Ailey II at Michael D. Palm, 2/11

Telluride’s Palm Arts announces an encore performance of modern dance company Ailey II at Michael D. Palm Theatre on Sunday, February 11, 2018, 6 p.m. Ailey II is universally renowned for merging the spirit and energy of great young dance talent with the passion and creative vision of outstanding emerging choreographers. Advance tickets $35 students, $45 adults; $55 day of the performance. All tickets are available at

Scroll down to watch a preview of the Ailey II program in Telluride.

In Telluride, if I say “Revelation,” you say, “Bowl.” It’s all about high-alpine powder surrounded by 13,000-foot+ peaks. Mostly right – just not this time. This time “Revelations” refers to a peak dance experience, a jubilant, soul-stirring suite that is easily one of the most uplifting ballets in the modern dance repertoire.

“Revelations” is a tribute to the cultural heritage of African Americans and to the genius of a man named Alvin Ailey, Jr. (1931 – 1989). Ailey, an African American modern dancer, teacher and choreographer, founded the world-famous Alvin Ailey Dance Theater, one of our country’s boldest and most exciting troupes.

Ailey was renowned as a creator of dance that expressed his people’s cultural history. “Revelations” is autobiographical. The choreography and the music are based on Ailey’s experience growing up black in the pre-Civil Rights South and express intense feelings for those roots from the deepest grief to the holiest joy in the soul. “Revelations” reveals what Ailey described as “blood memories” of the blues, spirituals, gospel music, ragtime, and folk songs, as well as the hard life of the Southern black during the Great Depression.

“Revelations” is part of an evening of high voltage dance hosted by The Palm Theatre, when Ailey II returns to town (after a seven-year absence).

Ailey II in Robert Battle’s The Hunt. Photo by Eduardo Patino.

Under the artistic direction of Troy Powell, the critically-acclaimed Ailey II presents vibrant performances and innovative community programs across the country and internationally. Those programs showcase the talent of a younger generation of dancers, not quite as mature in their moves as the members of the principal company, but still capable of delivering eye-popping lines and extensions. The fullness of tone that defines an Ailey body, an athletically formal grace, and a shining love of performance is all there in Ailey II. Guaranteed that at times the company will appear to defy the laws of gravity.

In Telluride, the diverse repertoire includes a piece by an emerging choreographer alongside works by members of the Ailey family: Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater star Jamar Roberts’ “Gêmeos”; Ailey Artistic Director Robert Battle’s “The Hunt”; and Alvin Ailey’s timeless classic, the aforementioned “Revelations.”

Ailey II in Darrell Grand Moultrie’s Road to One. Photo by Kyle Froman.

A newly commissioned piece to be performed in Telluride, Darrell Grand Moultrie’s “Road To One,” passionately embraces the journey we all take to find meaning in our lives to then pass on to the next generation. Inspired by a mentor who introduced him to the arts at a young age, Moultrie pays it forward with the Ailey II dancers, creating a high-energy ensemble work featuring elegant, classical movements but with a contemporary edge. The musical score features an eclectic range of artists, including Ezio Bosso, Kinjey Bunchens, Monica Chuchi, Oliver Davis, and Spark.

“I am thrilled to welcome remarkable new work from a talented rising choreographer into the repertory this season,” says Powell. “This world premiere will allow audiences far and wide to experience the power and versatility of these gifted young dancers.”

Ailey II’s Khalia Campbell in Darrell Grand Moultrie’s Road to One. Photo by Kyle Froman.

“We’re excited to have such amazing talent performing in Telluride” says Palm Arts programming director Chris Vann. “The diversity that Ailey II represents is a tribute to its founder and the legacy his company represents in the dance world. I hope everyone in the Telluride community, locals and guests, come to enjoy a glimpse at the future of dance in America.”


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