Fashion Friday: Holiday Party Looks, Two-Skirts Style

Fashion Friday: Holiday Party Looks, Two-Skirts Style

Fashion Friday 2.0 brings back a popular TIO fashion blog, first featuring Kristin Holbrook of  Two Skirts, now brought to you by Erin Busbee and sponsored by Kristin and Telluride’s Two Skirts.

What goes around…

In this week’s very special New Year’s post, Erin Busbee works on helping you find your style type for the holidays – with a little help from some of her beautiful Telluride friends at Two Skirts.


What’s YOUR Style Type??

One of the questions I always used to ask clients…what is your style?

A surprising number of women can’t identify it.

Can you??

Are you classic, preferring clean lines and minimal details?

Maybe you love edge and would look right at home on the streets of New York City.

Perhaps you are super feminine and love all things girly, fit and flare dresses, ruffles, lace, sequins, pastels, etc.

Or like most women, you are probably a combination.


It’s important to think about your style type… and how you want to look and feel for each occasion before you choose your outfit.

Think about colors you want to wear, silhouettes that are most flattering to your body, and whether you want to feel elegant, sexy, fashion forward, bold, etc.

I wanted to show you some different style type options.. so I asked some friends here in Telluride for help.

Keep scrolling to see the looks!


One of my favorite boutiques in Telluride is Two Skirts.

Not only do I love the ladies who work there…but I always walk in and discover a new designer.

You may remember me mentioning the store this summer when I hosted a Bumble BFF party there. Check out that post here.

You can check out Two Skirts’ online shopping here. Or just call or email, here is their contact info.

They are offering FREE SHIPPING with code, “BUSBEEFREESHIP”


I wanted to show you all a variety of style types for a change, not just my point of view…

So I asked the ladies at Two Skirts to pick some of their favorite pieces/looks to share with you!

(Under each look, I give you the exact product link at Two Skirts.)

Use code “BUSBEEFREESHIP” for free shipping with Two Skirts!

…Let’s start with edgy!

Cynthia in her edgy holiday look. She always rocks the runway at the Telluride AIDS Benefit gala fashion show.






Cynthia rocks a pixie cut like no other.

She’s a working mom of 2 kiddos… and my fitness role model!

For example, I recently took my first spin class, and rode for about 4 miles total.

I asked Cynthia what her average mileage is during a cycling class, and she said around 13 miles!

Her style (as you might have guessed) is edgy… a little bit rock and roll.


The key to her holiday party outfit… is this really fun, fringe, silver top by Rachel Zoe.

This look is ALL about the top, so you should keep the rest of the look pretty neutral…

Which Cynthia did with dark wash skinny jeans, and black ankle strap sandals.

This is the perfect effortless and edgy combo for New Year’s Eve.

Add a black blazer, faux fur or moto jacket for warmth.

Here is a link to the exact top at Two Skirts.

And, here is a link to the silver clutch.

Use Code “BUSBEEFREESHIP” for free shipping!

Kim makes juggling life (read children and family) and work look effortless. She makes chic look effortless too.





Kim is also a beautiful, busy, working mom here in Telluride. She always has a smile on her face, and seems to be genuinely full of joy.

Kim’s style is fashion forward and functional. Every time I walk in the store, Kim has layered clothes and mixed prints in unexpected ways.

But, she is always able to juggle work and mom life in her looks.

(Well, maybe not so much in these Louboutins above ????)


Many women do not have the courage to rock a jumpsuit, let alone one with peek-a-boo lace detailing…

But, Kim sure does…and she looks amazing in this Self-Portrait piece!

I always say…if you want to dress differently than everyone else at the party, wear a jumpsuit.

You can find the exact jumpsuit at Two Skirts here.

Here is a link to the fun earrings (best price! $80)

Use Code “BUSBEEFREESHIP” for free shipping!

Kristin co-owns Two Skirts. Beautiful inside and out.






Kristin is the stunning, co-owner of Two Skirts. She runs the business and wears MANY hats, including buying for the store.

When I want to know which designers to watch out for, I ask Kristin.

I also love picking her brain about best-sellers…for example…which jeans are all her clients scooping up.

She’s also a wife and mother of two boys!  Not sure how she juggles it all.


Kristin’s style is clearly VERY feminine and ladylike. She LOVES fit-and-flare dresses for special occasions.
She has great legs and a tiny waist so this sequin, Self-Portrait dress looks like it was made for her.

Here is a link to the dress at Two Skirts.

Use Code “BUSBEEFREESHIP” for free shipping!




I’ve always described my own style as edgy elegance. I like to wear modern, elegant pieces with some edge or drama.

A bold, red jumpsuit will definitely turn heads, and standout in a sea of black dresses!


I saw this exact jumpsuit on another, more curvy woman and I think it looked even better on her…so do not shy away from this piece if you are curvy.

Remember how I said, Kristin was always introducing me to new designers? This jumpsuit is one example.

It’s by Mestiza, a glam brand created by two Midwestern designers.

Here is a link to this exact Mestiza jumpsuit. I’m wearing size 4.

And here is a link to the layered necklace with magnetic closure.

Use Code “BUSBEEFREESHIP” for free shipping!


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Please let me know if you have any questions. And, thank you SO much for stopping by!

More about Erin Busbee:

Erin Busbee is the go-to style expert for busy women over 40 juggling life. She provides simple, step-by-step guidance, through video tutorials, how to blog posts, and modern shopping suggestions.

Her mission is to empower women to become more confident and stylish…to, “look like they have their act together, even if they don’t.”

After years of working as an award-winning journalist, most notably at WCBS in New York, a marriage and a move to Texas prompted Erin to start in 2009, specializing in styling “real” women. Now, Erin focuses her attention on the blog,, and YouTube channel, BusbeeStyle TV, in an effort to reach women all over the world.

Erin has appeared on “Good Morning America,” “CBS 2 News” and several Texas-based lifestyle TV shows. She has collaborated with major brands like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Procter & Gamble.

Additionally, Erin speaks before corporations, colleges and charities including JAFRA Cosmetics, HEB, Texas State University and Fort Sam Houston.

Erin’s most important role is being a mom to eight-year-old Gage and five-year-old Elizabeth.

More about Two Skirts:

Two Skirts is a high-end women’s boutique with two locations: Telluride, Colorado and San Francisco, California. The store carries apparel, accessories, make-up, shoes, and jewelry.

Joanne Brown & Kristin Holbrook, chic co-owners,Two Skirts.

It is fair to say that the history of Two Skirts began down the road a piece: Kristin followed the man who became her husband, (Kevin), who followed his ski school client, Joanne Brown, from Vail to Telluride.

“Kevin decided Telluride was going to be the next great place, so he moved to town in 1998. I followed in 1999 with a desire to open a business for two reasons: 1) I wanted to have something of my own to keep me in this remote town since I knew my husband would never leave; and 2), the timing seemed right to become an entrepreneur in Telluride,” explained Kristin.

Kristin approached Joanne about partnering in a women’s boutique.

The concept for Two Skirts was born in 2000.

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